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Dogs at the Club

We all love our dogs and they often enjoy coming to the club with us, however sometimes they have “accidents” which can be an unpleasant problem for humans. Consequently the committee has decided that:

  • Dogs are allowed at the club but only downstairs and under supervision
  • Dogs may not come upstairs under any circumstances
  • Dogs can be left tied up downstairs for short periods if necessary
  • Any disgraces caused by dogs must be cleaned up / removed by their owner immediately

Please comply with this decision for the benefits of all members.

State Championships

Good luck to LRC rowers competing in the NSW State Champs:

  • Elysia Chua (WU16 1x, WU19 4x)
  • Imogen Gainsford (WU19 4x)
  • Olivia Kapocius (WU19 4x)
  • Lauren Lyon (WU19 1x, WU19 2x, WU19 4x)
  • Christine Seeliger (WE1x)
  • Caitlin Shewell (WU16 1x)

Clothing Update

Great news!
Orders have started flowing for all of our new LRC clothing.
The Tracksuits look great, the training pants are tough and all are very good quality.
Check out the LRC Shop and exercise the plastic to make sure you are the best dressed at SIRC.

From the Property Master

Matt Bourke

Building Upgrade

Over the past few months in the background we have been looking at doing some much needed building repairs. Once the rowing season comes to the end we will be replacing a large section of the deck and bring back up to scratch. Furthermore we will be replacing the blue surface on the pontoon to a new heavy duty rubber and stainless steel lips where we pull boats up to further protect the floating pontoon.
In addition to the huge work on the on water facilities we will start in the coming weeks will be re-galvanising the boat shelves and the trollies.
New trestles and motor trollies have been ordered and will be delivered shortly. All works will cause some impact on how we use the shed, we will try and advise as soon as possible any access issues and or help required. Major works will hopefully commence the week of Masters Nationals to try and keep any inconvenience to a min.

Course Reminder

All clubs have been advised by RowingNSW to please adhere to the Iron Cove rowing course. Please familiarize yourself with this again. We are the largest club on the water and don’t want to be seen to flaunting the rules, we have all got a bit slack of late so let’s have a push to bring back on course.
Yes Maritime is aware of the buoy not standing, they will fix when they see fit but the rule still remains and shouldn’t be too hard to navigate around still as you should not be at speed there.


A new system of taking boats out of the shed is in a process of being developed. Damage is happening too much and we need crews to start taking responsibility for damage of the boats, not as pointing fingers but trying to reduce the amount of money that is spent fixing boats. We have a new and good fleet but if we keep going with all of these small damages the fleet will deteriorate quickly.
Over the next few months a trial system will be implemented and assessed. Remember black dot boats are for experienced established racing crews, if you are unsure do not take out a black boat and stick with a green.
Also be honest with your weight, if you are 85kgs+ do not row a 75kg boat and it’s not an average of the crew boat but the heaviest person shouldn’t be above that weight. Juniors are to be accompanied by a coach whilst in black boat at all times, especially when getting the boats onto trestles and into the shed.

Shed Working Bee

In addition to the more serious building upgrade we, as a community, need to keep the building clean and free of clutter. A working bee to clean and do a few small odds and end things around the club will be held on Sunday 21st of Feb.
All the items needed will be already onsite so it’s just many handy hands to throw stuff out, screw things up and apply some tape. List will be on the board if you are able to attend to items before this date. Please make 2 at least from each squad available, work amongst yourselves to get organized.


Some members have asked about a defibrillator. There is one located on the column behind the fridge in the Pymble bay.

Advice from Surf Life Savers is to call an ambulance, use CPR as a first resort and a defibrillator as a last resort. (And no – you cannot use it before a race!)

Boat Bookings

From the Captain.
Some members believe just because they book a particular boat at a particular time that they will be given it. This is not true.
Every week certain boats are requested by multiple crews. Preference is given to training for upcoming races, rowing level, destruction record, competitive v recreational and level of club support. Check the roster before just taking a boat out.

Boat licence

If you are interested in getting a boat licence, contact Margaret Bailey or one of the vice-captains.

Race Entries – make sure you put your entries in. No late entries accepted!

  • Sydney Rowing Club regatta entries are due today.
  • Gold Cup and LRC Regatta – entries due by 21 February