Membership Renewal

For the laggards who still have not renewed their membership…

Please do so via the online form.

DO NOT pay directly into the bank account by EFT without advising us, or give cash in envelopes to strangers!

The online form helps us to keep track of who has paid what, and it makes it a lot easier to reconcile names when we do the regatta entries.


There are at least three people (all volunteers!) working to reconcile these payments. Make it easy for yourself so you won’t see crazy people wandering at the Club, and use the online form.

If you have paid by EFT and not put a name to it or have not told Anna Cico, Kristin Moss or the Captain, your fees have gone towards the party fund.

Before you race, remember you need to pay your Rowing NSW fees or the entry won’t be accepted.

This is a check done at the Rowing NSW side – we don’t have anything to do with it, but if you are not financial with Rowing NSW, all your crew will miss out.

This includes all the anonymous payments which we have not been able to reconcile.

Yarra 2015 – Crew names due by 17 October

Please send all your entries to Belinda by 17 October – full crew names – all must be financials.

Payment for the Yarra fees will need to be done ONLINE ONLY (link to be advised soon). We will also need t-shirt sizes.

The fees for Yarra will include your seat entry, a t-shirt, the trailer levy and the dinner at YYRC on Saturday night.

Captain’s Log

Corporate & LTR Thanks

Another very successful Corporate and Learn to Row campaign finished at SIRC last Sunday.

13 crews put on some good racing and exhibited their newly acquired rowing skills.

A big thank you once again to Heidi, Virginia, Maddie, Erika, Mossy, Zoe, Pete Gilder, Steve Roll, Geoff, Dave Rosie, Roger, Doreen, Mark T, Stuart, Anna F, Scott, Dean, Marcus, Justin, Jen M, Anna C, Margot, Wade, Barry “The Voice”, Sandy R, Lauren R, Belinda, Anne P, Sandra T, Nancy, Tim M, Zac and Dianne.

Thanks also to those who helped out with boat loading and unloading, rigging the eights, towing the trailers, driving the tinnies, sounding the hoots, fixing the breakages, and other important duties on the day.

I would like to point out to the Club that the above names are the same ones who volunteer their time for a month every year. It is time some of the rest of you shared the load.

Please come forward via an email or face to face to help out next time. If you see any of them over the next week or so say thanks. Their efforts provide us with new boats.

Looking for your boat? check the map

As promised last week the Spring 2105 Maps are up.

I ask all the females to assist the males in locating the new spots for several of the boats and riggers.

Help! I need some bodies

This Sunday at 8.30am I need 10 people to help put 3 eights away in the roof. They are currently on the trailer outside.

Juniors’ Rowing Program

Reminder now that the Corporates and LTR is over, the Junior program is picking up steam.

If you have been selected to be in one of the high performance squads you will already have been approached by a coach and informed of training days.

All other members and the newest Juniors (Club Rowers) are reminded that their program is Saturday and Sunday from 8.30 to 10.30am with Geoff and Steve Roll.

A Clean Pontoon

Congratulations to Gordon’s squad. The pontoon is clean. They either cleaned it or removed the birds. I’m happy either way.

Dates to remember

  • Friday 11 Sept – LRC entries close for Head of Shoalhaven and Shoalhaven Sprints
  • Saturday 12 Sept – Trivia Night
  • Saturday 19 Sept – Head of Shoalhaven and Shoalhaven Sprints
  • Friday 18 Sept – LRC entries close for Nepean Regatta
  • Saturday 26 Sept – Nepean Regatta