Boat loading for Yarra

Loading for the Yarra will be on Wednesday 23 November at 5.30am. The trailers will be leaving for Melbourne 4.00am on Thursday morning so if your stuff is not loaded by Wednesday it’s not going to make it. Please remember the following:

  • Keep boats, riggers and the correct oars together on the same trailer – no mixups tape and label all riggers seats out, taped and labeled
  • tighten all nuts so they don’t wriggle free during the drive
  • if you’re not good at knots get someone to help you finish off the tie-down
  • no flappy tails to the straps – over 9″ tails are illegal.
  • The loading maps will be pasted up inside the shed. Please follow them closely.
  • Be very careful of the fins as you load.

The trailers will be in position on the lawns next to all the boat clubs on the Yarra and need to have the boats unloaded by about 9.00am on Friday morning so that the trailers can be moved to Hawthorn to get a good spot for loading at the end of the race on Sunday. So if you’re in Melbourne at 8.00am on Friday, amble down to the river to help throw a few boats off.

Boats and Oars

We have a tremendous amount of Eights activity in the final few weeks leading up to the HotY. Could you please make an effort to make sure that you use the oars allocated to your boat – ie Bodell oars for the Bodell. Sometimes this isn’t happening which causes heartache. If in doubt, write to Matt early.

Women’s Squad

Pravin has agreed to make himself available to coach masters women. If you would like to join please contact him.


We are trying to reduce our power bills and during our investigations have calculated that if the lights are left on at night, as they sometimes are, it costs $20. You wouldn’t chuck a $20 bill on the ground, so if if you are the last person out at night, please make sure you turn the lights off. During the day, make sure they’re off too.

Xmas Party

Book in the date for the LRC Christmas Party Saturday 17th December 6pm – 10pm. $20 for adults and $10 students. Get a table together or just purchase a ticket, but come along and enjoy the festivities with your rowing pals. A chance to bring the kids and enjoy some sillyness!

And this year we giving our many talented chefs (and dedicated eaters) a chance to showcase their talents.
If you would like to cook up your specialty for the buffet – be it something for the BBQ, a salad, seafood, cake or dessert, please email Nancy to let her know:; to discuss quantities etc.

Your costs will be covered, just keep the receipts.

We are looking forward to some delicious surprises! Thanks Nancy for your coordination of this part of the night.

There is an opportunity to help out behind the scenes to set up or on the night Santa will need elves. Please contact to volunteer.

Learn to Row

We have a Learn to Row group starting on Sunday at 8.30am.

They will get to experience the club at its finest madness, at the conclusion of the Iron Cove Classic. If you see people looking lost please direct them to Heidi Parkes, Annalisa Armitage or Madeleine Van Ewyk. Madeleine has kindly volunteered her time, expertise and tinny licence to be the first to coach the LTR in the new ‘as needed’ LTR program.

The crew that is supporting her is the Masters Women crew that Charlie Bartlett is coaching.

They will be having their orientation this Sunday followed by on water on the 19th November, and then 10th and 11th December.

After this they then will have 4 weeks to try out recreational rowing beginning weekend of the 17th. Please make them feel welcome and help them out if they are looking lost.


When putting blades out on the pontoon please only put the blades on the flat piece beyond the white tape on the floating section or on the red section of the ramp. An incident happened a few weeks back and needs to be seriously.


  • 13 November, Sunday,  Iron Cove Classic #3 – eights only
  • 26 November, Head of the Yarra, Melbourne
  • 3 December, Saturday, Reindeer Regatta, SIRC
  • 17 December, Xmas Party- 6pm to 10pm