This Week @ LRC – 11 January 2019

Indoor rowing

LRC will be hosting the first event of four in a series of indoor rowing races on 10 February. Please see the RNSW website for more details on how to participate.

From Tim Byrne

Detergent use

The committee has recently approved a slight change to the boat handling & maintenance section of our website to remove the need to use soapy water on boats immediately after a row.

Fresh water is to be used to wash both the boat hulls and oars – if they are still dirty after using fresh water then please move the boat to the grassed areas near the clubhouse, grab some detergent from the kitchen and scrub away!

I am instigating a policy of tipping out any buckets of soapy water that I find on the pontoon onto the grassy areas next to the shed – feel free to join La Resistance with me comrades and tip out any buckets of soapy water that you find onto the grass!

We will be stepping up our boat maintenance efforts when everyone gets back from Taree, so please don’t be too concerned about the condition of the fleet (Sykes actually recommend using fresh water on their hulls, but I’ll leave that be for the moment..)

Composite Crews

I think it is probably a good time as we head into pointy end of the season to remind everyone of our approach to composite crews.

Our current competition policy states that composites are a ‘last resort’ – the broad guidelines that the Captains are using at the moment when considering composite crews are:

  • Are there other Leichhardt rowers that could take the seats of the rowers from other clubs in the composite crew?
  • Will the composite boat be racing against another Leichhardt boat?

If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then we will be discouraging the Leichhardt members involved from being a part of the composite crew in question.

Having said that, none of the Captains nor the Regatta Secretary bite (Greg can get a bit testy when he’s hungry) so if you are considering entering a composite please grab either me, Greg, Daniela, Virginia or Alex for a chat.

Black Boat Usage

There seems to be have been a bit of confusion about who is allowed to row black boats recently.

I’m not going to run through the policy in detail here – there is a copy of it on the noticeboard near the front door if you would like to read it.

All I will say is that if you are not sure if you or anyone in your crew is allowed to be rowing black boats, then don’t row in a black boat and come and see me. Our black boats are the rowing equivalent of a Porsche Roadster and should be treated with care and respect, they are not the rowing equivalent of the Massey Ferguson tractor/paddock basher that I learnt to drive when I was nine..

Row hard

Good luck to everyone competing at Taree this weekend – I will be cheering you all on from Sydney!!


Send regatta entries to

  • 26 January, Saturday – Small Boats Regatta, SIRC
  • 3 February, Sunday – Balmain RC regatta, Iron Cove
  • 10 February, Sunday – 1st event of Indoor Rowing Series, LRC
  • 2 March, Saturday – SRC Regatta, SIRC