Christmas is coming

The LRC Christmas Party is just around the corner and tickets are now on sale.
You can buy tickets through the LRC Shop.

Please try and buy your tickets in advance as this helps us when planning catering. We would like to avoid a repeat of the LRC awards night, when we ran out of food!

The price of the ticket covers all food and non-alcoholic drinks will be available for the meagre sum of $1. All you need to bring is any alcoholic beverages you require.

Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome, particularly anyone who is brave enough to bring their kids, after all Christmas is mainly for them. There will be fun for everyone with prizes for the ‘Best Dressed’ as well as team games and snail races!

We request that every member bring along a wrapped gift of any description to go under the tree. If it is for a young child please write BOY or GIRL on it. We are not after valuable things, just the thought. Please help. Donations can be left on the table in the office or under the tree.

Weather forecast is perfect for a cool drink on the balcony so we will see you there!

New Kit

We are very excited to announce that we have entered into an arrangement with the Regatta Shop to provide not only LRC zooties (made by JL) but also a range of other training and racing gear ranging from UV tops, track pants and jackets. The full range of products is now available directly from Regatta Shop.

Orders will now be placed directly with JL for these products and they will deliver directly to you, there will be no LRC middleman (or woman). Delivery time will therefore be longer so please factor this is when ordering.

There is a free delivery window for orders placed until 17 December, so this is a good opportunity to stock up for the upcoming season.

We are reducing the price of LRC merchandise in our shop. For example, zooties are now $40, which is an absolute bargain and a great option for those who don’t plan to race as regularly or for that ‘back up’ zootie that we all need from time to time.

We still have stock of the current zootie, polos, caps and lights and these are still available through the LRC shop.

A great weekend at Reindeer & Sprints

Some great results over the weekend with special mention going to the MM8+ who had a win at the NSW Sprint Championships and a number of our junior crews who also performed well at the Reindeer Regatta.

We also did a good job of fleecing UTS of all their slings! They look the same as ours but are over 1 year old so a little more faded.

Great work in being efficient and thorough but probably a little over zealous this time. Bob will label ours with LRC and a yellow line so we avoid making this mistake in future.


As this is such a large regatta to organise, so we are asking that you get you draft entries to your coach ASAP.

NSW Rowing will not open entries until the usual couple of weeks before and we would like to have a good idea of who is planning to go so that we can sort through all the entries and have them finalised before the end of the year, not by the time they close.

For those who maybe have not raced yet this season please remember to renew your RNSW membership before submitting any entries. Entries cannot be accepted if all crew members are not current members of RNSW. This is the responsibility of rowers NOT the Regatta Secretary.

Don’t forget to book your accommodation, it is going fast so get your mates together and get moving.

There will be a club dinner on Saturday night as usual – more details will be provided closer to the date.

Dates to Remember

  • 19 Dec – LRC Christmas Party
  • 15–17 Jan – Taree Summer Regatta, Manning River
  • 30 Jan – Small Boats Regatta, SIRC