Taree Regatta

Good luck to all those up at Taree this weekend. Go fast, enjoy the weekend out of Sydney, and especially the dinner on Saturday night. Congratulations to those who are already cleaning up their races, hauling gold medals straight back to Sydney, particularly Helen and Doreen in the double.

In tragic news, the Royal Hotel there has changed their Friday night special from a $5 schnitzel to $11 fish and chips. Still, it can’t be beat for the economical dinner of champions (barring of course the club dinner).

Pymble Senior Camp

Due to the smoke and fire danger at Jindabyne, Pymble’s senior squad will now be conducting their summer camp at the club, from Sunday 12th to Thursday 16th January, with possibility of the following Friday and Saturday.

They’ll be getting on the water at 7am and at the club until around lunch each day, so it won’t be much in anyone’s way, but please bear this in mind in the mornings, allowing their coaches space to set up, being patient with bags around the ergs, and not cunningly hiding all the trestles.

Its only their senior squad, so their footprint should be fairly minimal regardless.

Leichhardt pontoon, c. 6:45am (colourised)

Pontoon rhymes with mountain

A bit of a theme of boat damage for the past six months has been attempting to take the boat up to the pontoon before getting out, with eights and quads being the prime offenders, likely due to speed. Please take the time to:

  • Slow the boat down
  • Approach the pontoon at an angle, not directly parallel/having to steer away last
  • Ensure you don’t lose sight of the pontoon rowing into the sunlight
  • Not mount the pontoon with your bow

Please take the extra few seconds. If you’re in a hurry, either be late to work, or row faster beforehand (I recommend the latter), just don’t go all Tenzing Norgay on the pontoon.

Deep Purple comeback tour

With plenty of smoke about on the water, breathing and smoke inhalation is an obvious risk in any sport. However another key issue is navigational safety. As with fog, if you can’t make out the bridge if not for the streetlights, please do not go out. Even in slightly hazy conditions, please err on the side of taking lights even if its technically sunrise, and consider that even if you’re in the right spot, someone else coming the other way may not be.


  • 10th-12th January – Taree Summer Regatta
  • 11th January – Taree Club Dinner
  • 25th January – Small Boats Regatta
  • 26th January – Australia Day
  • 7th February – NSW Rowing Championships
  • 16th February – Balmain Regatta
  • 29th February (its one them leap years) – Gold Cup
  • 8th March – LRC Regatta
  • 15th March – Drummoyne Regatta
  • 23rd March – Nationals Week