Dear Members

I’m fairly sure that this is not the kind Easter any of us could have anticipated, ever. But there are a lot of good news stories out there and in many ways, this crisis is continuing to reveal the best – not the worst of us. Every day there is a fresh abundance of generously shared free tips about how to stay connected, stay healthy, keep your kids occupied, learn a new skill that you’d never have considered in the “Before Time”, global stories of resilience and adaptability, and memes and satires that make us laugh out loud.

In that spirit we bring you the Easter edition of the LRC newsletter. More than ever, this is the time to celebrate ourselves as a community and to get better connected. To that end, wouldn’t it be great to create a club member gallery so that when we meet again in person, we’ll be able to properly say Hey Cuan, Elissa, Tina, Charles, Ella, Alex, David, Gabriella, Nancy, Jo, Tim, Steve, Steve and Steve… good to see you again.

If you’d like to be part of the member gallery, please send a copy of your visage to us. And please keep sending your stories, tips, recipes, memes, photos, videos and all other goodness to me, your new-ish editor Catherine Gleeson (Gleeso) –

Take care everyone.

Captain Tim, President Duff and Ed. (aka Gleeso)


Who’s a Happy Boy then?

Look at that smile. Steve Roll has just been given the all clear from the doctor and just passed his driving renewal test (for oldies). He’s all ready to get back in the tinny and the sport he loves. Except for one thing – COVID-19! He can’t drive down and the shed is shut anyway! Perfect timing.

We all look forward to seeing him back in action as soon as we reopen.

Read Steve Roll’s letter here…


The Rex Rowing Season 2019 – 2020


The rowing technique & training continued unabated,
But the season itself – well it’s abruptly truncated,
Just as the speed really gets going- what can it mean?
This Corona Virus the Covid -Nineteen.

Well it means Geoff had the foresight to exhibit crew nerve,
And showed Reidy the way to “flatten the curve”,
He got the committee to think, to plot and connive,
To ban – Gordy & the “Vunerable’s” –  over 65.

Ange had quite a bit say from the tinny in the dark,
When they were late on the water- slack – what the faaark!!!
So – cranked up the sessions – ergs and rowing- four days a week,
Some Tabita – no rest – soon had Doccy looking sleek.

Then a new concept for Brooksey- the belly button on a string,
What changes for Rexy could this approach bring?
When added to some rock over – no Scrawny- it’s not fictitious,
It’s a really good theory- if a little ambitious.

Onno & Michael they didn’t say very much,
When the race speed made ‘em just lose touch,
They were inclined to refer to fantastic training bits,
Where sub one forty were very common splits.

Hands smooth around the back turn – an oar ready to be placed,
A wholly controlled movement- quickly without haste,
Whether it’s memory or forecast, it still remains a vision,
Rowing’s out for now- for it’s someone else’s decision !!!

David R. 1st April 2020

Get your Level 1 Coach Accreditation


Get your Level 1 Coach Accreditation

New requirements by RNSW and our insurers require any person coaching to have a minimum of Level 1 Coaching Accreditation. This includes all volunteers as well as those paid. LRC will reimburse any volunteer the coaching fee of $180 subject to prior approval from our Captain ( Paid coaches must cover their own costs.

This includes coaching the following:

  1. Juniors
  2. Masters
  3. Corporate
  4. Learn To Row
  5. Sculling Schools
  6. Open rowers

To get it you must complete 2 courses. 

  1. The Australian Institute Community Coaching is a prerequisite. 
  2. Rowing Australia Level 1 Accreditation

See examples of the certificates above.

The Level 1 course is delivered online and the cost is $180.  To register, please go to:  


LRC Live Cam

Dear Members

We have recently added a few external cameras for club security. One of them faces the water and gives a great 24 hour view. The infrared is quite good in the dark. As a bonus to members we are setting it up as a LIVE VIEW in the Members Section of our Website. Andrew Morrell is linking it at the moment. Members can also download an App on their phone to view from home before making the trip to the club, in case the weather is questionable. You can even watch the racing and see the finish line for the LRC Regatta. The access password will be updated each season along with the door code.

To add the App to your mobile:

  1. Download the App – hik-connect
  2. Don’t create an account, select Visitor Mode
  3. +
  4. Manual Adding
  5. Adding Type – IP/Domain
  6. Alias – LRC
  7. Address –
  8. Port – 8000
  9. Username – Members
  10. Device Password – Rowers2020
  11. Save

Double tap the picture to enlarge. Rotate phone to enlarge further.
Happy viewing

Steven Duff

Disco - After 5 (am) ergs!
Disco – After 5 (am) ergs!

Old Ergs // New Ergs

Looking forward to jumping back on the ergs together – including disco-ergz!

Eric the Watch-Croc
Eric the Watch-Croc – the latest addition to the LRC community


Feel good about not being on the water edition #2

Apparently Steve Duff has employed the skills of an unemployed reptile to act as Watch-Croc over the pontoon while we’re away. The Crocodile, whose name is Eric, is stranded in the harbour, unable to return to his home in Kakadu until the lock-down is lifted. “I just popped down for Mardi Gras in February and I’ve been here ever since,” said Eric. “This is not really how I anticipated spending Easter, but at least I’ve got a paying gig for a few months.”

Be sure to send a cheerio to Eric to keep up his spirits – the pontoon is a lonely place right now…



There are a lot of online yoga classes out there, but one of our favourites is Yoga with Adriene. No fluoro Lycra, no fuss, no bother, just calm relaxing yoga for all people at all levels. Lovely!


Sydney Dance Co. Classes for all!

Sydney Dance Company are offering online classes for all ages and levels. The great advantage of dancing online is that only the teacher can see you. So if you’ve never been to a dance class before – maybe now’s the time!


Handel’s Messiah Streaming live from the Opera House

This Sunday, 12th April 10am AEST

Handel’s greatest and most loved choral masterpiece sung by more than 500 voices Handel’s Messiah – this Sunday 10th April.


Live online music this weekend

The City of Sydney brings you a list of Upcoming online music events this weekend including performances, workshops and album releases.


Out of work Sports Commentator comments on real life

Here’s a chap called Nick Heath who’s a rugby commentator and journalist and also a podcast producer. He’s got no live sport so he’s commentating on everyday life and it’s brilliant.


Drive-by Birthday Parties

A new social media trend is inspiring people to come together and celebrate birthdays during the coronavirus pandemic. The birthday parades involve a stream of cars driving past the person’s home to celebrate.