This year we have spent some serious money on a number of different items: the deck repairs, two “new” eights, painting, and the carpet will be replaced soon too. Of course it costs a lot but we saved up for it over a couple of years and managed to get some small grants to help with some of it. Essentially, the money we pay in membership fees runs the club, pays for repairs to the boats and provides us with a break-even. All the money we have just spent has come from the LRC Corporate Challenge and now it’s time to make the 2017 Challenge really successful so we can put some money back in the kitty for the next lot of new boats, repairs and upgrades. We are off to an unusually good start with a number of crews already committed but we need your help to make this year really big.

Deliver us a crew – don’t send us a note saying “you should try Telstra” – talk to your boss or buddies at work, get a crew together for August and then write to Justin with the email address of the coordinator of the crew so that we can slot them in and invoice them a deposit. We need members to really get with the program this year, bring corporate rowers into the club and help us continue to improve LRC. There’s a brochure online at

Corporate Challenge

You can download the pdf and send it around to your mates. Time to take action!!

The Crane

We received a lot of correspondence for and against replacing the crane / dinghy davit and at this week’s committee meeting, after another fulsome discussion, it was decided that we will replace the crane and raise it a couple of inches in the process. No doubt the repairs will take a couple of weeks. We will also be asking users of the crane to try to take up the smallest amount of space and to definitely NOT leave tinnies or trailers hanging around the crane once one their tinny has been dropped in the water. In other words trailers, with or without tinnies should be returned to the narrow part of the pontoon.

Tips of the week

from the Captain

  • Do not kick trestles on the pontoon. They are to be moved by hands only. I know it looks the best decision whilst the boat is over your head. If you are witnessed to be kicking trestles, you will be kindly asked to scrub the bathroom floors.
  • Do not mark boats with permanent markers. Please only mark boat hull damage with tape, this will also keep water out of the honeycomb. permanent markers damage the paint work and causes issues for the boat builders.
  • One cox box has been found in the boot of a car from Yarra. Could I please ask everyone that went to Taree to please double check at home and cars.
  • Pontoon tomorrow will be busy at there is a School Regatta on Iron cove. Please also make sure not to interrupt by racing on the course
  • 18th or the 24th will be club maintenance days, please make yourself available at the shed from 8.30am on one of the days. If you have time to row you have time to maintain. Please arrange with Bob prior if you need any new parts. Boat captains please round up people to help you with your boat. Boats will be checked; if maintenance has not been done questions will be asked.

NSW Union of Rowers’ Scholarship

The NSW Union of Rowers awards scholarships to young rowers who display potential and are in need of financial assistance to achieve their goals in rowing. This year a minimum of 4 awards of at least $1000 will be made

The scholarships are open to rowers who are registered in New South Wales and aged 13 to 20 at December 30 this year.

The application form is available at www.nswrowers.com/scholarships together with a full explanation of the procedure to follow and the eligibility criteria and conditions of the award.

The NSW Union of Rowers has awarded 129 scholarships since 1992 to assist young rowers in developing their careers in the sport, with a number of recipients going on to represent NSW and Australia.

Applications are now open for the 2017 Youth Scholarships, and close on Friday 5th May 2017.

Clubhouse event

Saturday 11 March there will be an event at the Clubhouse in the evening. Just FYI.


To enter a regatta, send your entries to regatta@lrc.com.au

  • Sun 19 Mar – Drummoyne Grade regatta, Iron Cove
  • Sun 26 Mar – Drummoyne Masters Regatta, Iron Cove
  • 27 Mar to 2 Apr – Open Championships, SIRC
  • 8-9 April – Trickett Grade Championships, SIRC
  • 24-28 April – World Masters Games, Lake Karapiro, NZ
  • Sun 30 April – Iron Cove Masters regatta, Iron Cove
  • 6-7 May – NSW Masters Championships, SIRC
  • 18-21 May – National Masters Championships, Nagambie, VIC
  • Sun 23 July 11am to 3pm – LUOR lunch