QLD 2016

Dani and Jen on their way to winning the bronze in the WMB2- and the crowd’s favourite, Anne Parbury, about to with the National title in the WMG1x.

Masters Nationals

Some great results coming back from the LRC Masters rowers attending the Masters Nationals which were held on Lake Kawana in Queensland.

Medal tally:
Gold – WMG1x, WMB8+, WMA2x, WMB4-
Silver – WMA4x, WMD4x, Interstate WM8+
Bronze – WMA2-, WMB2-, WMA4-
Club medal – WMA4-

It was windy, wet and choppy, many races were cancelled, and it was a bit of pot luck in the draw when qualification rounds were eliminated. Battling through the weather though paid off and LRC finished 14th overall in the medal tally, with 110 Clubs participating.

Notably, Anne Parbury won the 1x title in pretty rough conditions, as you can see from the picture above. A great achievement!

Next year: Lake Nagambie!

Corporate Challenge

The season of the LRC Corporate Challenge is almost upon us again. It’s an incredibly important exercise for the club as it’s our principal fund raising activity, it brings new people into the club and involves a lot of us in introducing folks to the joys (and pains) of rowing.

If you work in a medium to large organisation you can help right now.

Send this link to your boss, or her boss, or to HR, or to the CEO, or if you know someone in the organisation who used to row but has not been on the water for quite a while, send it to him/ her – and then follow them up and try to talk them into being part of something that everyone who does it rates as a 5 star experience. They’ll have fun and the club will generate the money it needs to repair the deck, replace the stinky carpet and renovate the kitchen – all jobs on the agenda for next year that need a lot of money.

If YOU make an effort right now it could make a huge difference to the club.

Also, talk to Marcus Trimble or Justin if you want more information.

Membership fees

Please note the membership fees are now due. Rack renewals need to be in (and paid) by 30 June 2016.

You will need to renew your RNSW membership as well.

Awards Night

Don’t forget to come to the club Saturday at 6.00pm with drinks under your arm to be part of the 2016 Awards Night. Prizes will be given, toasts will be toasted and there’ll be a special presentation from Ed Palmisano about his experiences rowing in England, the US and Japan!

Get your tickets now.


During the year Matt Bourke, our property master, has been working away in the background to maintain and improve the shed. A lot of this work goes unnoticed so here’s a brief list:

  • The box gutters in the roof have been extensively repaired.
  • Our storm water system has been flushed, repaired and tree roots have been removed.
  • New hand driers are being installed in the change rooms
  • New mirrors are being installed in the girls’ changing room
  • The lighting in the shed being upgraded
  • Our “fire test” readiness has been upgraded
  • Many of the sliding racks have been repaired and serviced
  • The tinnie winch is being upgraded
  • Boat racks/sliders have been serviced and repaired
  • The exits have been marked so as to comply with safety requirements
  • Alarms have been fixed
  • An upgrade of the gym equipment is underway with new squat rack, bench press and free weights.
  • A number of boats have had a complete makeover giving them another 5 or more years of life.

We have applied for a grant to repair sections of the deck and pontoon, and during the next year we plan to replace the carpet upstairs and renovate the kitchen.

Vale Vic Williamson

Vic Williamson (no relation to Geoff Williamson) was the Club President of Leichhardt during the years 1980 -1982.

Vic and a wonderful group of parents were very much involved in supporting the activities of the Club both in social and Fund raising which continued well into that decade. He was instrumental in rebuilding the aluminium and steel annex to the original weatherboard Club House until the new shed was completed in 2002. This extension provided the additional accommodation for Leichhardt as a gymnasium and boat storage area.

Vic, with a great sense of humour would agree that the annex was so firmly secured to the old club house which at that stage was almost falling over.

His daughter Karen, rowed in the NSW (Victoria Cup) Ladies Lightweight Four under Leichhardt Life Member and coach at that time, Len McPherson.

Vic preceded Neil McCallum as Club President but kept his association and strong support of Leichhardt throughout the eighties. He has also been a great supporter of the Leichhardt Union of Old Rowers and its reunions, but in recent years ill health had kept him away. May he rest in Peace.