Ned Trickett

Ned Trickett – circa 1879

Good Luck at Trickett this weekend

This is the Championship Grade Regatta for the season. Good luck to all our entrants in this triple point 2-day event at SIRC.
It is also the last regatta for all those under 27 years of age. Then the Masters (27+) get a turn to win some points.
The Club Point Score Championship is still very close. St George are coming first, Sydney and LRC a close second and third.
It will probably come down to the last race on the last day at the NSW State Masters Champs to know the winner for 2015.

Trailer Parking

If the trailer can’t be wheeled back into its correct storage area beside the shed because the boom gate is locked, make sure it is left in the street, in a LEGAL parking area without time restrictions.
This means you need to read and obey the clearly marked signs.
We got a $105 fine this week because the trailer was the wrong side of the council sign!

Missing equipment

We are missing the riggers to 2 sculls – for the van Ewyk and the Chadwick. If you see them, please let the Captain know.

Wednesday 22 April – Register for tinny licence course

LRC has made it mandatory to hold a licence if you are driving a tinny.
There is a tinny licence course at the club on Wednesday 22 April, from 5.30pm.
The cost of the course is $46. You will need to register.

For more information refer to the website.

Anzac Day row – Saturday 25 April – very early!

We have a good number of rowers and helpers for the Anzac Day row. It is shaping up to be a great event.
If you want to put up your hand to help with the event, and haven’t yet done so via the survey, email your contact details to the Secretary.

Sunday 26th April – Maintenance morning

Save the date.

Details and tasks coming.

Saturday 9 May – Club Orientation for New Members

Club orientation on Saturday 9 May at 8.30am. It is important for all new members to attend.
If you haven’t been to one yet then reserve the date and time. It last for 2 hours.
“Old Members” who have not been to one are welcome to attend as well.

Lights on boats

If you row before dawn or after dusk, you must ensure that the lights on your boat comply with the Law.
Two bright lights, one at each end of the boat [not within the cockpit].
Coaches are required to stop crews getting on the water or send them back, if not correctly and brightly lit.
RMS requires visibility for 2 miles to qualify as BRIGHT.
Batteries are available from the Captain and lights from the LRC shop at $1 for 3.
If you get fined by RMS, you are responsible for the fine.

Watch the Row Safe video by NSW Maritime for more information.

Life Jackets in Tinnies

A life jacket must be worn when boating alone.

Everyone in a tinny must wear a life jacket between sunset and sunrise.

At all times there must be one life jacket in the tinny for every occupant.

Diary dates

  • Sat 11-12/4 – NSW Edward Trickett Grade championships – SIRC
  • Sat 19/4 – Drummoyne Rowers Masters regatta – Iron Cove
  • Wed 22/4 – Tinny licence course 5.30pm – LRC Club
  • Sat 25/4 – Anzac Day row and BBQ – 3.50am
  • Sun 26/4 – Maintenance morning
  • Sun 2/5 – Iron Cove Masters regatta – Iron Cove
  • Sat 9/5 – New members orientation – 8.30am