From Nancy 


On Sunday, the Mackenzie once again collided with the same green pole in the Lane Cove River as collected them a year ago. Matt estimates that that the poles have cost us a good $10 grand in the last 3 years so let this be a warning to you all:


Coxes and bow persons, YOU HAVE A BLIND SPOT DEAD AHEAD! 8 big rowers can be hard to see past so you must always be alert to what it up ahead;

The Lane Cove River is pock marked with the narrow green and red poles so you must ALWAYS be on the lookout for them;

When an accident like this happens, the cost of repairs is borne by the WHOLE crew;

If you want to row up that way, remind your cox or bow person to be on extra lookout for the little buggers or choose somewhere else to row your piece.


The pole in these incidents was the green one the first on the harbour side of the bridge, near to St Ignatius Riverview, when a cox or bow person has just finished navigating coming through the bridge so hasn’t had the full view of the river ahead for long to see it and avoid it (unless you know it it’s there).

For your entertainment (i.e. someone else paid for these repairs) check this out: 

Stay safe


Support the Bullsharks
From Tim
The mighty Bullsharks are going to be really Mo-ving their eight in the lead up to the Yarra because the entire eight (including Coach Tim) will be growing moustaches during Movember to raise awareness and much needed funds to assist in tackling the major health issues facing young Aussie men like mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.
Apart from adding a touch of class to the shed, we’ll also be asking for your support in raising funds to help the great work that the Movember Foundation does around the world – they raised over $100M last year through grass-roots fundraising efforts like the one we are asking you to support!!
So get on board Leichhardt, below is a link to the Bullsharks fundraising page.  Your help would be much appreciated.


From Virginia


Look Sharp:  Is your zootie looking a bit saggy and faded?  Need a new sunshirt to protect your skin on the long row to Hawthorn?  Maybe it’s time to smarten up your kit to take on Head of the Yarra in style! 

We currently have two types of LRC zootie available with photos and links on the LRC website shop  The JL Racing zootie, ordered via the Regatta shop, costs $115 and may take up to 6 weeks to delivery (check delivery date when ordering).  The Regatta Shop also offers an LRC long sleeve UVP sunshirt for $55. The Pontoon zootie costs $75 and is available for immediate delivery via You will need to register with Pontoon before ordering. 

Ready to Race: Head of the Yarra is run by Rowing Victoria and is governed by the current issue of the Rowing Victoria Rule Book, with all usual racing rules applied. Things to note:

  • The LRC Regatta Secretary can make crew changes online until a day or so before the race. You can sub a maximum of 4 people per crew. If this changes your race category, you can request to change category, but you will start at the end of this category. The race draw will be issued on 12 November.

  • Crew must wear Club racing attire and all other articles of clothing should be identical (i.e. same coloured undershirt, caps/hats etc)


  • Boats must be compliant with safety standards e.g. heel ties, quick release on shoes (no duct taping your feet in because the shoes have lost their velcro!), all bungs in place, bow ball secure etc (good to check when you’re doing maintenance)


  • Coxes for men’s, women’s and masters’ crews must weigh a minimum of 55kg in their racing uniform or carry weights to take their weight up to 55kg. There is no cox’s weigh in for HOY but spot checks may be carried out (particularly if you win!).


  • Crews and coxes need to be aware of protocol for the start and finish and the Race Rules and Penalties There is an official course video available at: 

  • There is a competitor briefing session at Hawthorn Rowing Club on Friday, 29th November at 6pm – recommended that coxes attend – when you can collect your race number, t-shirts etc.  If you miss this, you can collect numbers at the start from 7am and before 10am on the morning of the race.


All this info and more is available at and



Sandra’s Jacket 

Sandra’s avocado green winter jacket is still missing!! If anyone has seen it or knows where it is please contact Sandra!




Please send all regatta entries to no later than 12pm Saturday before each entry close.

  • 2nd November- ICC#2
  • 2nd November- Boat Maintenance Day #4
  • 10th November- North Shore Head
  • 16th November NSWIS TT3
  • 17th November ICC#3
  • 30th November- Head of the Yarra
  • 14th December- Christmas Party