LRC @ Henley Masters

A team of 6 – youngest 65, oldest 81 (Steve Roll)- has headed to Henley Masters regatta this week, rowing in G4x, G2x (two crews), H2x and J1x (Steve Roll).

Good luck to them all and we are looking forward to their tales when they return!

JB Sharp – hosted by LRC – call for volunteers

We need 3-4 volunteers to help with the organisation of the JB Sharp Regatta which LRC will host on 31 July. Please contact Anna Cico if you can do a few jobs (set up start line and finish, for example). No catering required. Pontoon marshals always welcome.

Membership Fees

They are due now. Please fill out the form and pay online asap.
After 31 August, all membership rights will expire and you will need to rejoin the Club.

Boat Maintenance Tips

With thanks to Matt Bourke and YYRC

Washing the boat.

When new a boat comes from the manufacturer its hull is highly polished and ripple free. The blemish and ripple free surface provides a much more important function than just good looks. A polished and ripple free surface reduces turbulence and friction along the length of the boats hull, making it faster and reducing the effort required by the crew to generate and maintain boat speed. To help preserve the finish on the hull, the boat needs to be washed properly after each outing. Here are some washing technique tips that will keep your hull in tip top condition and ensure you optimise your boat speed:

1. A boat should never be washed with a sponge that has been dropped on the ground. This picks up grit and can damage the hull.

2. The sponge and bucket should be thoroughly rinsed before and after each use, and you should always fill the bucket with fresh water.

3. The deck and cockpit of the boat also require washing to prevent grime from embedding itself into the outer surface of the boat. This may require turning the boat over several times to both wash and rinse.

4. Clean the slides by using your finger to run up and down the length of the slide. This not only prevents premature pitting and wear, but also reduces friction and the effort required by the crew to move up and down the slide.

5. Iron Cove is affected by tide, the water that we row on is salty. Salt has an adverse effect on aluminium components such riggers and fittings on foot plates. Wash down and rinse off the riggers thoroughly.

6. Rinse the gates too. Grime builds up on the surface of the gates causing premature wear to both the gate and sleeve of the oar. Worn gates and sleeves affect the pitch of the oar, which in turn affects the ability of the crew and the pleasure of the row.

7. Both blades and Boats are to be dried with a chamois, this is done to keep water off other boats in the shed and to protect the surface in the shed from unnecessary water.

Boats are a precision piece of equipment and expensive. Treat them like you would your grandmothers’ couch. Show them a little love and respect, and they will continue to perform for many years to come.

Speed Boat Drivers

As we have hit a new year, new legislation has come about please see below link and make yourself aware of changes that take effect from today.


We are still waiting on the 1-10kg dumbbells to be delivered and the wall racks to be installed to store the weights and bars. Finally as with boats, please leave things where you find them. All weights and bars are to be removed from all equipment and returned to the correct place. This is not a complicated task, think of it as a little work out top end your session. This is done for safety reasons for others as the weights could fall off and hurt people or some members may not be able to lift the heavy weights.

Introduction of Marine Safety Regulation 2016 from 1 July 2016

On 1 July 2016, the Marine Safety (General) Regulation 2009 will be repealed and replaced by the Marine Safety Regulation 2016. The Marine Safety Regulation 2016 includes a number of changes to promote safety, reduce red tape, improve administrative efficiency and harmonise with road transport laws.

For more information, please visit to read the Marine Safety Regulation 2016 in full from 1 July 2016.


  • 10 July, JB Sharp, Drummoyne
  • 24 July, JB Sharp, Balmain
  • 24 July, Head of the Hunter Marathon (45km)
  • 31 July, JB Sharp, LRC
  • 6 August, Trivia Night