The Mighty LRC “Previously Known As Xmas Party” Party

It’s ON!

Saturday 9 December at the 3 Weeds in Rozelle, from 6.30pm.

$20 at the door for nibbles and buy drinks @ the bar.

Everyone welcome. We will have a private room.

Head of the Yarra 2017

Ten crews and 10×9 stories to tell!

Here’s the summary from (some of) the Boat Captains.

Avians – Dean Patterson

Our race started with Friday night beers at the riverside bar then at the restaurant with the bullsharks, where bets were wagered, and bragging rights were put on the line.
Race day , we got on the water and 10 seconds later the starter said ‘ LRC GO!!’ Caught off guard, we were all rowing more or less in time twenty strokes later! So much for a few relaxing deep breaths.
Taking off rating 32 and holding 32 all the way, we quickly dropped crews and down the course passed 8 out of the 10 in our division that started before us.
Sitting under a tree at Hawthorne with the LRC guys, we all agreed it was a tough day, but nothing tested us more than standing in the beer queue!
Well done to all LRC crews, the cooperation and friendly rivalry amongst the guys crews through winter in training and on race day was great fun.

Rexes – Rex Chadwick

Boat 172 masters F grade headed to the Yarra for the 13th consecutive time.
Helped by fine coaching from Anne & Ange, and the sharp eye of Peter Gilder
This was a tough row but our result put us up the F grade placing a few slots from previous attempts.
It is our belief that if the row doesn’t tire you the fun does.
We conquered the 8.6 and emptied out pockets at the bar.
Thank you to the club and transport drivers for the lost three days
The Rex 8 crew

Lionhearts – Maddie Borrey

The Lionhearts’ fur was unruffled by the unusually warm and humid weather in Melbourne. The crew produced a tidy row along a beautifully executed line controlled by our cox, Di Jacob, who nailed it on her inaugural HOTY. The Lionhearts made a determined effort. However our time was up from 2016, due to the opposing tide, headwind and stiffling humidity. Special thanks to Steve Roll whose renowned coaching skills and endless patience have greatly improved our rowing ability. He uncovered glimmers of diamonds where previously there was just zirconia.

Bullsharks – Ruth Kelly

A comprehensive hydration programme prepared the Bullsharks for the big day. Bowside’s raw power got us round the bends splendidly and we had a cracking run into the finish, capping off one of our best ever rows and making us officially the 2nd fastest LRC crew. Off the water the LRC blazers were a big hit with the ladies of Yarra Yarra, and then onwards to prove our prowess in the only contest that really mattered: Mercantile’s dancefloor. Thanks to the Avians for organising Friday dinner (wish we’d had what you had…) and to Alex for driving the tour bus and single-handedly rigging the Booma.

The Incredibles – Justin Milne

The Incredibles is an MMF8+ formed during the cold, dark mornings of Winter and named after our occasional coach, Jeff Patterson, described our rowing as, “Incredible” – and we’re not sure that he meant it in a nice way. So we started training hard and were lucky enough to win the Masters Head of the Nepean, Shoalhaven and Lane Cove on handicap and to win our division in the ICC series 2 out of 3 times. At the HotY we managed a third in our division with which we were not entirely displeased, despite being out-classed by MUBC. We had a great start, rating high and passing 4 boats by the second bridge. Our cox steered a flawless course and despite a bit of a dead spot after Scotch we were able to find something extra for the last straight. The crew comprises: David Ross, Tim Mason, Brian Davis, David Hogan, Gary Foster, Gordon Cooper, Matt Limburg, Justin Milne. Cox Anthony Swinbourne.

Jen’s Masters – Jen Zongor

The D masters women began training with coach Steve Sherry back in August. We are very grateful to have had three sessions a week with coxswains Tim Livingstone, Robert Kelsall and Diane Jacob. With many wins over the season we were in a good position to challenge for the winning time. Tim had us on an excellent course but we came up 22 seconds behind the winning crew from Queensland. Our best effort so far on the Yarra course. Thanks also to Virginia van Ewyk and Leslie Howatt for their efforts with the crew over the season.

Hannah’s Crew – Hannah Smith

The Party Bus (or the crew previously known as “Hannah’s squad”) rolled into Melbourne, ready to take on the mighty Yarra. Carb loading completed the Friday night, we were ready to take on the Yarra in the peak of Saturday heat.
We managed to hold off arch nemeses Glebe and Balmain for more than half the distance with cox, Nancy, steering a terrific course around the bends.
Off water honourable mentions go to Richa, for her impressive skulling abilities, Hannah, for outfitting us in snazzy fluoro socks, and the squad for the best social media snaps and providing the best representation of a crew in any boat race (5 out of 8 in the Women’s, 3 out of 8 in the Mixed). All 8 are keen to bring the Party Bus back for the 2018 Yarra Campaign.

The 2017 Rich Rowing Classic

This annual recreational Christmas social row from Leichhardt to the Lane Cove Weir is on again on Saturday 9 December 2017.
For those who have not done this before it is a fun row in a fleet of eights right up to the Lane Cove Weir along the scenic Lane Cove River through the national park. As it is a reasonably long way there will be reserve rowers in tinnies and crews will mix and interchange rowers along the way. It is not a race but an event and even if you are relatively new to rowing you will have a good time.
It is open to all club members.

Be at the club by 5.10am so we can launch the tinnies and be on the water by 6 am. Expect to be back about 9.30-10 am.

  • Reserve your seat and reply to Trevor Sills or Geoff Rich asap
  • Advise if
    • You have a boat licence.
    • You would also like to stay and have a BBQ breakfast if and when we return to the club.

Trevor Sills –
Geoff Rich –

Premiership Shirts

Nancy has a few shirts available. Please contact her directly if you would like one, and pay online.


  • 2 December, Saturday – Reindeer Regatta, SIRC
  • 3 December, Sunday – NSW Sprint Championships
  • 3 December, Sunday – from 11.30am, NSW Union of Oarswomen’s lunch
  • 9 December, Saturday – Xmas Party, 3 Weeds, from 6.30pm
  • 12-14 January 2018, Friday to Sunday – Taree Summer Regatta
  • 27 January, Saturday – Small Boats regatta
  • 25 April, Wednesday – ANZAC Day Row