Happy New Year!

from the Deputy Chief Administrator for internal communications and information distribution

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year break. With 2020 comes new exciting opportunities for things like half-baked fitness resolutions, ergs, vision jokes about the year, an Olympics, and another season of racing for not just the result, but the journey along the way (especially with some people steering).

Happy new year, I speak for myself and the whole committee in looking forward to seeing everyone get back into the swing of things into the business end of the season.


New Boats and Old Friends

from “El Committeero”

With the new year’s break, work closed for most, and people back in Sydney, it presents a good opportunity to reel back in ex-LRC members to don the rose tinted glasses for a leisurely paddle through the hazes laying over the bay. What a swell idea. This is a great way to keep in touch with such people and even maybe con them into getting back into the boat.

In doing so however, please make sure to adhere to the following requirements:

  • notify a committee member prior to doing so, with likely names and dates
  • ensure that at least half of the crew members are current members
  • only take out ex-members of LRC
  • for black boat users, only take out green boats for these rows
  • responsible member take responsibility for any damage or accidents
  • have fun

Simple stuff, but it just keeps everything that little bit less messy on the pontoon and in questions and confusions around boat usage



Taree Regatta 10th – 12th January

from Daniela

Boat loading for the regatta will be on the 9th Jan (Thursday morning) at 5.30am. Please leave the parking area in front of the club free of vehicles as we have two trailers to load. All boats will need to be ready to load, meaning 8+’s are to be de-rigged and sectioned prior to Thursday. The following squads are responsible to do this for the following boats:

Clare – Helen Dunn’s crew
Milne – Rhiannon Sandow’s Crew
Simmington – Jen Zongor’s Crew

These squads will also be responsible for putting these 8s back together on return from Taree.
As we are taking a large fleet of boats, for those not competing at Taree you may find your regular boat is missing next weekend, please ensure you use the booking system to book your boats.
Boat unloading will take place from 5pm on Monday evening, 13th January.
I look forward to seeing everyone racing and enjoying the regatta and of course the annual Club dinner on Saturday night, this year at the Exchange Hotel at 6.30pm.
Best of luck to all and let’s bring home the bling and of course the points!!

Steve Roll – an Update

From Steve himself

When I fell I was lucky enough to fall where all the damaging parts were not, so, instead of being paraplegic, quadriplegic or dead I have only cracked my second cervical vertebra.

Doctors at RNSH decided that a neck brace would be better than an operation, so I shall have a stiff neck for another three or four weeks. I’m unable to drive and I’m not sure how long it will be before I can.

My thanks to the many who have sent emails, cards, and phone messages, I have been unable to sit in front of a computer to do replies. Please, all of you accept this as a personal reply.
Hoping to be back a.s.a.p. Have a Happy New Year. God Bless You All.


  • 10th-12th January – Taree Summer Regatta
  • 11th January – Taree Club Dinner
  • 25th January – Small Boats Regatta
  • 26th January – Australia Day
  • 7th February – NSW Rowing Championships
  • 16th February – Balmain Regatta
  • 29th February (its one them leap years) – Gold Cup
  • 8th March – LRC Regatta
  • 15th March – Drummoyne Regatta
  • 23rd March – Nationals Week