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As you can see from the picture, the Captain is very busy, and still sleep deprived after the Pairgate.

So don’t send him emails more than 10 words long as he won’t read them.

Examples of what’s acceptable are (words in parenthesis are optional as they take up word count unnecessarily):

(Steve), can you (please) open the merchandise cupboard? – 6 words


(Steve), can you (please) look at these regatta entries? – 7 words

Regatta entries

Reminder that entries for Drummoyne Masters and the Edward Trickett Grade Championship close on 24 March.

Regatta entries for the National Masters Championship

LRC will not be making entries for the National Masters Championships.

Crews can make entries directly following the directions on Regatta Central.

You will be invoiced directly for seat fees relating to your entries with details of how to make payment.

If you have any questions regarding the entry process please send them to

If you wish to use a LRC boat at the regatta please make a request to the Club Captain.

Not getting club newsletters?

If you row with someone who is not getting these emails or does not have a log on to ask them to email the secretary at

User IDs have been set to name.surname so you can try and get a new password using your name.surname credentials via this link.

Captain’s Log

Winter Program

Information on our Winter Program is now on our website for those interested. The winter program is an additional program, charged separately, for those mainly preparing for next season’s events and is open to non members. Typical applicants are year 10 Pymble and King’s students.
It runs from 1st April to 31st September.
The program is being managed by Simon Hoadley.

Nationals for our junior members

Good luck to our younger members at the Nationals next week. I am looking forward to some personal bests.
Check your boats are legal and in good nick before you go out to SIRC – ie: shoe laces.

Schoolboy and Schoolgirl Head of the River successes

Eleven LRC juniors represented 5 schools at the Schoolgirl Head of the River. Maddy Mitchell won a silver medal in the Year 8 single championship and Lauren Lyon won a bronze medal in the Year 9 single championship.

Austen Hunt won a silver medal in the Schooboy Head of the River the previous week.
Also congratulations Lloyd Conolly for rowing for International Grammar School, and making the final, at the Schoolboy Head of the River – the first time the school has been represented in rowing.

Sunday 30 March: Club maintenance day

Maintenance is on Sunday 30th between 7am and 11am. Co-ordinate with your squad to meet at 7am or 9am.
All must make an effort to attend – don’t just leave it to someone else.
All members will be allocated tasks that will include the boats they use as well as Club facilities.
Brings your tools.
Tick off allocated jobs when done.
Spare parts and advice will be available.

Learn To Row

We are now up to 4 Junior Quads and 3 Adult Eights. They go out on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Please either assist of keep out of the way. They get boat and tinny priority – see the roster.

Maritime will fine you

We received a fine on Thursday from Maritime as one of the tinnies did not have batteries in the emergency torch inside the kit bag. Everything else was good. Beware!

Safety: Don’t row down the middle of the bay

Stick to the correct side of the waterway. Never row down the middle. If you find yourself out there one dark morning then stop and move across. Don’t just think “nothing will happen to me”.

Cleaning Boats

You may have noticed all the cloths are now yellow. Another step towards a cleaner club.
Thanks Angie.

Another reason to get out of bed…

Rowers were delighted to see a meteorite in the sky early Monday morning … another joy associated with rowing!

Steve Duff

Recreational rowing roster

22/03: Roger Graham
23/03: Rick Turner
29/03: Colin Whybourne
30/03: Lloyd Connolly

Diary dates

Sat-Sun 22/3: LRC Learn to row
Mon 24/3-Sun 30/3: Sydney International Rowing Regatta SIRC
Mon 24/3: Entries for Trickett and Drummonye regattas close
Sat-Sun 29/3: LRC Learn to row
Sunday 30 March: Club maintenance day 7-11
Tues 1/4: Winter program begins
Sat 5/4: LTR regatta and graduation 8 – 10.30am
Sun 6/4: Drummoyne Masters regatta Iron Cove