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From the President


A big thank you from all the Taree competitors to Andrew Morrell and Justin Milne for trailer towing last weekend. Also to Guy Elron for finding such a great venue for our traditional Saturday night Club dinner.
Results from the weekend were outstanding with many wins and some great personal bests. Let the tradition continue!

LRC Clothing shop

All Members are invited to go on line via LRC Shop on the Clubs website to order new zooties, rowing shorts and polo tops. Images are only temporary, with more pictures coming in the next few weeks.

Charles Bartlett

From the Captain


What a great result by our rowers at Taree last weekend; 200 points towards the club championship, lots of 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings and lots of PBs. Well done to all those who competed. A list of the 1st place getters is on the website.

Club Points from Taree
Sydney NSW – 212
Leichhardt NSW – 200.5
St George NSW – 189
Somerset College QLD – 113
Lake Macquarie NSW – 110
Nepean NSW – 101
Balmain NSW – 100
Glebe NSW – 89
Sydney University NSW – 80.75

Check out the Taree photo album on our Facebook page.

Taree Camp

A big thanks to Kerry, Frank, Phillip McCrea, Jane & Sarah Moxham for running our Summer Camp at Taree in 2014. All participants have told me they had a great time, and the results were shown in their racing at the Regatta and the big smiles on their faces back at the shed.

Boat Handling – Time to look at what we are doing.

This morning I watched crews struggling to handle boats correctly. I think sometimes I forget that I was taught things back in the 70s. Slowly you learn to know where the danger points are and when to be cautious. The other component is that the boat still weighs the same whether it is lifted by a men’s or women’s crew.

If your crew is “novice” or unable to bench press 50kg then there is no shame in lifting and placing your boat the old fashioned way. In fact that is the way you should do it.

1. Remove the boat off the racks with equal numbers on each side and one per seat.
2. Walk it out of the shed onto the pontoon.
3. Rotate the boat to the correct way up.
4. Place on slings being careful to lift boat over the points of the slings to avoid puncturing the hull.
5. Adjust fittings if required.
6. Half crew on each side of boat.
7. Lift slightly and turn boat over.
8. Walk boat down to edge of pontoon.
9. Lift the boat to the half turn position with the hull pointing towards the water.
10. One by one get the rowers on the water side to duck under while the rest of the crew supports the weight.
11. Once all under, share the weight, move towards the edge feeling with your toes.
12. Lift boat out and down together, bending your knees.
13. Place in the water, not on the pontoon.
14. Bow side holding, stroke side get the oars.
15. Bow side oars in while holding boat level. DO NOT STAND ON THE RIGGERS.
16. Stroke side rowers and oars in.
17. Bow side in and push off.


18. Approach pontoon slowly from UTS side.
19. Sit boat level so the riggers do not bump the edge of the pontoon.
20. Bow side out and hold.
21. Stroke side oars out, gates done up and get out of boat.
22. Stroke side walk their oar and the oar of the bow sider behind up to the side of the pontoon and store safely.
23. All crew bending down at the knees, lift the boat together out of the water to the half turn position stepping one pace back at the same time, holding the boat by the gunnels.
24. Every second rower goes under to the other side one by one (stroke side if sweeping).
25. Level boat out to the upside down position, hull up.
26. Walk up pontoon to slings.
27. Carefully place on slings and wash inside and out.
28. Collect oars for washing.
28. Dry off excess water.
29. Place back on correct racks.


Tossing, as the name suggests, can be left to the more advanced crews and achieves the same result. The boats are kept in better condition and my blood pressure will be lower.

Club Maintenance Day


Thanks to all the members who turned up last weekend. The Club is looking better every day.

Renovations to Birkenhead Point Marina – boats to be moored along the outside of the marina

Over the next 8 months the Birkenhead Point Marina is undergoing an expansion on the south west corner between the current pontoon and the public ferry wharf. During this upgrade boats will be moored along the outside of the marina all the time. Take extra care when returning past the marina and give it an extra wide clearance. DO NOT HIT A MOORED BOAT!

Pymble activities at the club/Iron Cove

Pymble’s Learn to row camp will be held at the boatshed 26-28 January. Timing will be 7.30-12.30 on 26th, 8-3pm on 27th, and 8.30-12.30 on 28th.

Pymble Regatta will be held on Iron Cove on Saturday 1 February


Remember as it gets darker, make sure you have 2 lights on your boat if going out before dawn (sun on horizon). No lights = No row.

Steve Duff

Construction works for the junction of Glover & Mary Streets next week

Council will commence the construction of a raised threshold at the northern end of the junction of Glover St and Mary St on Monday 20th January. Work is expected to take 1 week to complete, weather permitting. Construction will be from 7:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday.

Normal parking will be maintained although there may be minor loss of parking near the junction of Glover St and Mary St.

Supporting recreational rowing

Senior members who are rostered to help out the recreational crews are:

18/01 Kristian Bodell,
19/01 Peter Gilder, Sian Bates
25/01 Rex Chadwick, Brigitte Hadley
26/01 David Ross, Rosa Brown

Diary dates

26-28 January: Pymble Learn to row
Saturday 1 February: Pymble regatta on Iron Cove
Saturday 1 February: Small Boats regatta at SIRC
Saturday 8 February: Sydney Girls High Regatta, on Iron Cove
Sunday 9 February: Balmain Regatta, Iron Cove

Safe rowing everyone…. time for sunscreen!