If you race, then read on …

Members competing in regattas are reminded of the following:

  • Regatta entries approved by the Selection Subcommittee are posted on the club website and on the Competition Noticeboard at the foot of the main stairs in the clubhouse.
  • Approved entries are posted approximately one week prior to the Rowing NSW Official Closing date.
  • It is the responsibility of all competitors to check their own entries and to email the Regatta Secretary immediately if any entries cannot proceed.
  • If substitutions cannot be found prior to the official closing date, the club reserves the right to withdraw an entry.
  • Late entries will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.
  • After the official closing date, it is the responsibility of crews to lodge late substitutions or withdrawals. These must be done on regatta day: withdrawals must be made at least 60 minutes before the race, and substitutions must be made at least 30 minutes prior to the race.
  • Whilst sometimes unavoidable, withdrawals on regatta day are strongly discouraged by the Club. A record is being kept of all late scratchings and crews who fail to start. This information will be referred to by the Selection Subcommittee when considering subsequent applications for regatta entries by these individuals.
  • Any fine incurred by a crew must be paid immediately upon request by the club. Entry into subsequent regattas will not be permitted until all fines are paid to the club.

Taree entries close Friday 20 December

Want to race at Taree? Then you must have your entry at the club by Friday 20 Dec. The Regatta commmittee needs some time to consider each entry.

santa duff

Santa’s Log

Christmas Party ­ Saturday 21 December

Buy your tickets now! From Alex, Sophie, Angela, Paul, Peter G, Heidi or Steven. You will save money by buying them ahead and it enables us to work out catering and seating plans.


Thanks once again to those who have already donated a wrapped surprise. We have about 40 so far. To those other members please make an effort even if you can’t attend. It will help make it a great night for the Club. They don’t have to be expensive at all. Just make sure you wrap them – newspaper is fine if you haven’t got any wrapping.

The Committee has entered a team in the Games Competition. I need 5 other formal applications from teams of 6. So far it is all hear say. It won’t hurt and should be lots of fun. Email with a team captain. Prizes for best dressed Christmas themed table. Remember food is provided and drinks available to purchase or BYO.

Only 9 sleeps to go!

Door and Alarm Code

Will be changing soon. Members will be emailed the details once a date is known.

Steam Cleaning Carpet

Sunday 15th at 12md. Please help move everything into the gym. They are doing the office as well.

New Members

Welcome to our new members. Photos are now on the Board. Make an effort to welcome every new face, don’t give them the one you give me (Steve) each morning!

Learn to row program

Details of our next Learn to row program are now on Starts March 2014. Thank you Kristin Moss for taking on co-ordinating the program from Nitya Varadarajan (you rock Nits!).

New email address?

Remember to log on to to update your details.

Towels – volunteer needed

We need someone to volunteer for 3 weeks, from Boxing Day, to look after towels while Nancy is away. Washing machine required… Contact the Captain please.

Diary dates

  • Sun 15 Dec ­ carpet cleaning (excellent!)
  • Sat 21 Dec  Christmas party
  • Friday to ­Sunday 10-12 January: Taree Summer regatta

Enjoy being out on the water and the buildup to the break.

LRC Committee (and the video is here just in case you missed it!)

committee elves