Masters Nationals Wrap-Up

Well done to all who competed in Nagambie during last week and weekend. The weather was a bit of a hit and miss, and on Saturday it rained, it was windy and terribly cold. Hypothermia was avoided – only just!

Some really good results by everyone – pretty tough competition out there! – and in classic Masters’ style everyone got a “ribbon” 😉
Full results are available here. Pictures and self-celebratory messages can be seen on Facebook.

Notably the IS crews of NSW did well, winning the men’s eight, 2nd in the women’s (Daniela and Annalisa in the boat), 2nd in the men’s quad and 3rd in the women’s, and Christine was 2nd in the CoC race, after winning her B1x. Tough racing!

Friday 7th July 2017 – Presentation night for LRC

Set that date aside in your calendar and come to the Three Weeds to see who has won what this year and also to share a few drinks and nibbles with your mates.

This year we have decided to do things slightly differently so we have booked the Three Weeds Hotel in Evans St Rozelle for prize night. The format will be a standup party with finger food served and a full bar available. We thought it might be fun to try somewhere different this year (and get someone else to do all the work and cleaning up!) It will be in a private room so juniors are of course welcome. It will be a great chance to shoot the breeze, tell lies, relive the great moments of the season, but importantly, to find out who has won our various awards and congratulate them in this year of the LRC Premiership.

The list of awards and prizes includes:

  • Highest overall pointscore, men and women category
  • Masters pointscore, men and women category
  • Most improved for men, women and junior male and female
  • Contribution to juniors
  • Coach of the Year
  • Most outstanding junior
  • Coxswain’s trophy
  • Encouragement Award
  • Navigation Award for the best prang
  • Captain’s Award
  • Duff Cup – for highest pointscore between men and women
  • President’s Award

RNSW Presentation Dinner – 13th June

We have one table of LRC-ers already organised for the RNSW dinner where we expect to win at least two prestigious shields, one for the Premiership and one for the Head Races. There may be others. So if you’d like to be part of it, get your crew together and book a table or a seat by going to the RNSW website.

It’s a fun night and a great blazer opportunity. (LRC ties and scarfs available for instant delivery at the LRC online shop)

LUOR Lunch

from Barry Moynahan / LUOR Convenor

Many club members, both young and Masters, attended our last popular Reunion (2016) which featured interesting guest speakers, and Rowing Australia’s presentations to 16 of our former Australian representatives.

Almost twenty years ago, the old 1940’s timber and cladded structure was demolished and replaced with this modern and magnificent club house.

This year the Balcony Boys and LUOR will join with you, in celebration of your Premiership Win and the Club’s recent renovations. The LUOR Reunion will feature special guests GILLIAN MOORE A.C. and her husband David, who along with the then Executive under President Bob Stone, nurtured a partnership and vision now literally “set in stone”.

With this in mind, this year, our guest speaker is GORDON BRAY, noted Sports Commentator with strong connection to Rugby and the Leichhardt Rowing Club.

The LUOR is confident that earlier Club Presidents, Stone, Bath, Clare and Bartlett will join Justin, Anna and our popular captains Matt Burke, Steve Duff, Anne Parbury and Christiaan Fitzsimon on Sunday 23rd July, 11.00am for the Reunion and now famous luncheon.

Cost for the luncheon is $25.00 per head and further information is available from:
Barry Moynahan 96864290, Steve Jaques 95683163 or Dave Bodell 95580041.

Reservations should would be appreciated by 7th July.

Women’s meeting

from Anna Cico

Now that the season is officially over, I would like to take some time to gather some feedback from the women @ LRC and begin the planning for next season, by getting together on Sunday 11 June at 9.30am at the Club.

Please come with your thoughts on what was good for you this year and what suggestions you have for change for next year. Over the next month or so I would like to get a clear picture of what squads/crews are planning for the next year and who is not in a squad crew and would like to be, so bring your thoughts on this too.

This club is run by volunteers which means every single person needs to contribute to the running of the club and at the session I will also be asking you to nominate how you would like to volunteer in the coming year.

I hope you will be able to make the session – if not please email me with your thoughts.

Carrying boats

Please carry the boats from the centre as much as possible, avoiding putting pressure in the middle of the hull by carrying them from the extremities, especially the bigger boats.

Pymble Ladies

PLCs winter season begins on Sunday, so let’s make them feel welcome at the club.
PLC has priority use over the Pontoon between 8-8:30 and 10:15 & 10:45.
Please ensure to keep the pontoon clear at this time.
Also keep an eye out for them on the water some are new rowers and will be a bit off in their navigational skills.


  • 11 June, Sunday – Women’s meeting, 9.30am at the Club
  • 13 June – RNSW Presentation dinner, UTS, 6.30pm
  • 7 July – LRC Presentation night at the 3 Weeds in Rozelle
  • Sun 23 July 11am to 3pm – LUOR lunch