Purchasing on behalf of the club

From Steve 


The committee has delegated authority to purchase items on its behalf in various areas. 


These are:

Shed Repairs (pontoon, plumbing, electrical, structural, security etc) – Christiaan Fitzsimon 

Boat Repairs (spare parts, shell repairs) – Matt Bourke with Bob Kelsall as his assistant 

House (cleaning and catering) + Cox Boxes- Nancy Wahlquist 

Fuel (for tinnies) – Stephen Mattani 

All are supervised by our Treasury Department – Greg Norman and Jane Cadwgan  

Please do not purchase anything on our behalf unless coordinated by one of these people.



Christmas Party, Saturday 14th December!! HELP NEEDED 


To make our party a big fun family event, we are asking for volunteers to assist with some of the jobs to spread the load:


Dessert bakers; 

Salad makers (on the day); 

Veggie roasters (do it at home on the day); 

Ham glazing and roasting – I need 2 volunteers with big ovens; 

Club decorations; 


Bar on the night; 

Games – prepare and organise on the night; 

Upstairs set up; 

Clean up; 

Donations of new items for the Lucky Dip (there will be a collection box outside the office).

Please email Nancy on: nwahlquist@bigpond.com with your kind and generous offers.


This is a family event with games (yes, the snails will be back by popular request) and a Lucky Dip.  We will be running a bar with the usual super low club prices.


$25 for adults, $15 for juniors and students and under 5 get in free.



Yarra Fees

 From Greg 


Payment deadline for Yarra combined crew fees is 15th November, so far we’ve received crew payments from;


 Leslie Harrison 

 Jen Zonger 

– Matt Simshauser 

 Kerry Thorn 

 David Elliot 

 Andrew Hine 

 Dean Patterson 

– Brian Dunn



Please send all regatta entries to regatta@lrc.com.au no later than 12pm Saturday before each entry close.

  • 10th November- North Shore Head
  • 16th November NSWIS TT3
  • 17th November ICC#3
  • 30th November- Head of the Yarra
  • 14th December- Christmas Party