Race Entry Co-ordinators

Selection Sub-Committee Member Role

steven duff

Steven Duff


Kristin Moss

Kristin Moss

Regatta Secretary

kerry thorn

Kerry Thorn

Under 18

simon hoadley

Simon Hoadley

18-30 yrs

Belinda Brigham

Belinda Brigham

Women 30+

tim tindale

Tim Tindale

Men 30+

Matt Duly



Coaches  Race Entry Co-Ordinators
Charles Bartlett Belinda Brigham
Chloe Congdon Belinda Brigham
Peter Gilder Belinda Brigham
Suzie Philpott and Ross Tout Belinda Brigham
Steve Jacques Belinda Brigham
Steve Sherry Belinda Brigham
Tim Tindale Belinda Brigham
Simon Hoadley Simon Hoadley
Barry Moynahan Tim Tindale
Frank Thorn Kerry Thorn
Tim Tindale Tim Tindale
Sandra Rourke Tim Tindale
Kerry Thorn Kerry Thorn


  1. Coaches are to send their proposed draft entries to their Race Entry Coordinators at least 4 weeks before events.
  2. Coordinators will review and present to Selection Committee each month for the Regatta Secretary to process once approved.
  3. Entries will be posted on the Regatta Notice Board at the bottom of the stairs and on the web site.