Membership renewal

Please note that for the 2020/21 season, we will send invoices to all members.

If you want to change your membership class, please email the Treasurer.

Membership classes for FY21:

Competing Senior –  rowing at any time, allowed to race with race fees paid separately. A $200 deposit for race fees is required – $900 plus $200 deposit

Recreational – weekend rowing only, JB Sharp only racing – $700

Juniors – rowing at any time, all race fees included – $700

Please note that this year the Committee has decided to handle all future Rowing New South Wales (RNSW) Memberships on behalf of all of our members. Leichhardt members are no longer able to renew their RNSW memberships individually.

The fees for being a member of RNSW for the coming season are

1. Competing Member $115.50

2. Under 18 years $68.25

3. Supporter/Recreational $21.00

Members from the first two categories will be invoiced by treasury along with the annual membership renewal fees – either for $115.50 or $68.25

Recreational Members as well as Non-Competing-Life Members, Supporter Members, Learn to Row participants, Corporate Rowers and Coaches will have their RNSW $21 amount covers by the Club as part of their current fees as applicable.