Boat, Ergs & Tinny Bookings

To make a booking for a boat or a tinny, please complete the form below. It will be sent to the Captain who will allocate you a boat; if you have specified a boat and there is a booking clash, the Captain will decide which boat to allocate. Specifying a boat in the form is no guarantee you will be allocated that particular boat.

Bookings are taken on Thursdays only.

Please use one form only for all of your bookings.

Equipment booking form

  • Send your bookings by COB each Thursday. Fields with * are mandatory. You can book multiple boats for multiple days in the same form.
  • Tick the equipment you need below, and specify days and time slots.



Boat Booking Protocol

Boat bookings can be emailed to the Captain using the form above each Thursday between 6am and 6:00pm. Bookings will be taken only for the week commencing on the next Monday and ending on the following Sunday, unless specified differently.

Bookings received outside the booking window will not be taken.

Bookings received will be prioritised based on first received first allocated, but will not be taken for consecutive days for the same boats, unless it is for a rower, crew or squad targeting specific regattas and races in that boat. Such requests will be given priority over requests that are not race specific.

Any consecutive day requests must include details such as:

  • training times and days
  • regattas and or championships being targeted for racing

This requirement is to ensure boats are available regularly during high demand periods for members who have clear racing objectives.

Bookings can only be made for the following times:

  • Senior competitive and student members – Monday to Friday collect boat by 5am and return boat by 7am. Weekends collect boat by 6am and return boat by 8am.
  • Recreationals – Monday to Friday collect boat AFTER 5.45am and return boat by 7.30am (green boats only). Weekends collect boat by 6am and return boat by 8am. (green boats only)

Bookings for the week will be posted on the clubs Boat Booking Noticeboard in the entry foyer.

10 Minute Rule

Any Boat shown booked but which has not been taken from its rack 10 minutes after the nominated booking start time, subject to there being no sign of the member at the Clubhouse who booked that boat, can be used for that session by any member eligible to use that boat.

Use of the Club’s equipment is contingent upon members exercising due care at all times when using Club equipment and undertaking or reporting damage and carrying out preventive maintenance as needed.

Club members are reminded that access to any equipment is a privilege of membership and carries with it the requirement to comply with all club rules regarding use, including:

  • restrictions on boat usage and weight
  • correct and careful handling
  • safe navigation and
  • maintenance and care