Being safe and taking care

Iron Cove Course

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Boat licence course

LRC makes it mandatory for all tinny drivers to hold a boat licence.
Information for Members on the next in-house course.

Safety is the responsibility of all Members.

Exercising that responsibility will help to ensure the safety of all Members and visitors to the Club. A safe Club environment will be achieved if everyone is prepared to proactively intervene to take corrective action when confronted with unsafe practices.

Some simple steps to follow include:

  • After sunset and before sunrise always display the correct lighting when out on the water. In accordance with NSW Maritime requirements LRC requires all Members to ensure the boats they use adhere to the following:

Rowing Boats – display two all round white lights; one at the stern and one at the bow

Tinnies – A port and starboard light and a rear mounted all round white light

Your lights must be visible from 1 kilometre away when conditions are clear. Dim lights are not acceptable.
No lights = No row.For more information refer to NSW Maritime code of conduct.

  • Beat the heat – Take care when training and competing in warm weather. Sports Medicine Australia has guidelines on how to manage training in high temperatures and/or humidity. The fact sheet, beat the heat, describes symptoms of heat stress and heat stroke, how to tell if someone has heat illness, the best ways to avoid and to treat it. For more information, go to their website,
  • Remember: when you come to rowing, bring a water bottle, and wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

Boat handling and safety on the water: Doing it properly

Read how to treat the boats well and keep them out of the repair shop Boat Handling and Safety: Doing it properly

What to do when lightning strikes

Some information from the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation – policies and procedures for events and individuals.

Adverse weather lightning action plan

Lightning safety recommendations