LRC Maintenance Day Duties

Boat Responsibility
David Bodell 8+ Tim Tindale / Avians
Tim Clare 8+ Dianne’s crew
Peter Trives 8+ Parbury’s Squad
Michael Bath 8+ Rex’s
Bill Monaghan ** 8+ Matt Duly **
Robert Stone II ** 8+ Wade **
Richard Stanistreet ** 8+ Bodell **
Frank & Kerry Thorn 4x/4- Belinda B
Fred Griffin (syndicate) 4x/+ Tim Clare
Steven Duff 4x/4- BAMS
Premiers 2007 4x/4- Adalita etc
Wade Hewett 4x/4- Parbury’s Squad
McGill 4x/4- Dave Bodell
Charles Bartlett 4x/- Alex Farkash
Kevin Bond 4x/- Colin
Premiers 2009 4x/4- Sandra T
Frances McNamara 2‐/x Belinda
LRC Masters 2‐/x David & Roger
Rod Richardson 2‐/x Angela
Ted Curtain IV 2-/x Rossy & Justin
Miss Leichhardt 2x Dan & Bridge
Jane Hutchison 2‐/x Guy & Rob
Anne Parbury 2-/x Guy & Rob
LUER 2-/x Juniors
Mary Pam Jan 2x/- Sue
Old Oarsman II 2x/- Matthew L
Williamson 2x/‐ Doreen
Corp Challenge 1x Juniors
LRC Juniors 1x Juniors
Tim Tindale 1x Dimitri
One Eye 1x Juniors
Ross Ullo 1x Michael
Hauenstein 1x Nick
Shed Floor Paul, Jim and Andrew Remove mats, sweep and super hose
Gym Cupboard Doreen, Marilyn, Tran, Chantelle, etc Empty / Install new cabinets / Store neatly
Ergs Roger & Dave E Usual top and tail
Tinnies Guy & Juniors Hose out and re-kit
Oars Chevrons Chevrons / Labels / Collars
BBQ Brunch Mc Callum & Dean Bacon & Egg rolls for all
** Boat needed for Learn To Row by 8.45am!!!!!!!!
General Boat Review means: Remove seats and slides – clean, replace damaged parts and reinstall with washers etc
Shoes – check screws, foot chocks, laces / Riggers – washers, heights,
Wiring – check all speakers, wires secured / Check joins have correct washers
Supervisors Charlie, Matt Duly, Billy