LUOR Annual Newsletter and Lunch – 21 July 2019

From S Jaques

ALL MEMBERS OF LRC are cordially invited to the 73rd Annual Reunion and Luncheon of The Leichhardt Union of Old Rowers (LUOR) at the clubhouse on Sunday 21st July commencing at 11.30am.  Your families are welcome and children are free.  (see below for Luncheon costs).If you are one of the many new Social / Recreational or Junior club members the following brief statement helps to explain who LUOR is and what we do:  Formerly known as the Leichhardt Union of Ex Rowers until May 2008, when it was clear that rowers might get old – but they just never stop rowing or wishing they could!  The LUOR is a supporter group of the Club which holds regular functions and events aimed at creating opportunities for rowers of all ages to get together socially for fun and fund raising. LUOR has provided the club with financial assistance, boats and equipment on many occasions in the past years.

New Members Needed.

Currently the LUOR membership is getting a bit thin on the ground and it is time to enlist your support and encourage more LRC members to join us and keep the traditions of LUOR & the club alive.  We would love to see lots of club Masters crews and Recreational rowers attend our Sunday 21st July Reunion Luncheon.  At present our membership consists of about 30-40 past members & partners who rowed at Leichhardt, some over 50 years ago, but still have an interest in the club and its continued growth and successes.  A smaller group – our committee – consists of about 6 life members but only 4 of them are still active in the club as coaches and the odd masters rower.  We desperately need  your support and attendance at the next LUOR reunion luncheon on Sunday 21st of July.  It would be fantastic to see as many new faces as possible come along and join the older members relive the past performances and greater glory of the club.

We only hold one reunion function a year in the off season – winter months, as this allows us to not interfere with training schedules and competition regattas. We always try to have a guest speaker who will entertain the members with past club history stories or other interesting careers. Sometimes past topics have been about the shadier side of Sydney’s criminal history and notable characters which always makes for an interesting gathering while enjoying a great lunch and some refreshments.  Also current members should hear about our past members and club history such as the stories behind the A.I.F. Great War Honour Roll, displayed in the club Lobby and deceased members from World War 1 including Tom McGill and Harold Hauenstein our first Olympian or the historic Kings Cup oar mounted on the East wall in the club gym area.

All funds raised are fed back to the club to provide financial assistance, with boats and equipment or other specific needs.

Our Guest Speakers & Theme:

Our theme this year is the iconic Kings Cup Regatta – with two guest speakers both giving a different, interesting & unusual perspective of the great rowing event in Australian rowing – with links to LRC.

Come and hear Lionel Robberds (our Club Patron) give the inside story on how the NSW 8+ won the 1959 Kings Cup raced over 3 miles in Perth (WA) & in so doing became part of King’s Cup history.  The crew was a composite of Mosman and Leichhardt rowers & their story is fantastic.

Our other guest speaker this year will be Scott Patterson – often seen but possibly not known by many.  Scott will give us a look into his new project Documentary & Book associated with The story of the Anzac athletes who won The Kings Cup and remade themselves for a new world. Scott will also give us his first hand account of the 2019 Kings Cup anniversary re-enactment regatta to be held on 3rd  July ’19 at Henley, England.  Scott is also looking for donations and benefactors who can make tax deductible donations to help make the documentary.

Fund Raising:  LUOR “400” Club Draw #30

Due to the success of our past 400 Club Draws, this years prize, to be drawn at our Annual Reunion on Sunday 21st July is worth $400 Cash to the winner.  Hopefully with the support of all club and LUOR members and friends this will continue to be a successful way to raise finances so that we can continue to assist the club to add boats, oars, club upgrades and training equipment etc. Over the last 30 + years of its existence the old “400 Club Draw” with the support of our members has been very good and has enabled us to provide a large amount of equipment to the club. Some of our contributions  have been: $15K to Septic System, Initial sets of tables and table cloths, crockery & cutlery, PA System, Bain Marie and trays, replaced kitchen oven, 3 x Ergs, half cost of 2 x junior Coxed Quads, 3 x Sculls, 1 x new Quad (T. McGill), room wall fans and 1 x new 8 HP Tinny motor.

Only with your continued support can we carry on this important workTickets in the draw only cost $20 each with all the proceeds going to the club.  Tickets can be obtained from Steve Jaques or Dave Bodell at the club on weekends or whenever you see them at the shed  Or by contacting them by phone (see contact numbers below).  It will also be possible to purchase tickets prior to the draw on the day of the Luncheon Reunion.

The draw will be made at our reunion luncheon.  If the winner is not present on the day we will notify them by phone in the following week. Please support your club & buy some tickets.


OUR  WONDERFUL  GOURMET  LUNCH  – $25,, Juniors – $15

(Optional)    “400”  CLUB  DRAW  TICKET  – $20 

Annual Report:  A brief report on the status of the LUOR will be followed by our (culinary delights) hot buffet gourmet lunch  To assist with our catering arrangements please contact Dave Bodell or Steve Jaques to confirm attendance –   OR put your name on the Attending LIST on club Notice Board


President:   Steve Jaques –  (M: 0422989220)  Email:

Treasurer:  Bern Story – (T: 9809 3337)  Email:

Secretary: Tony Potter – (M: 0411545720)  Email:

Consultants: Dave Bodell – (M: 0439268100)  Email:

Barry Moynahan – (T: 9686 4290)  Email:

Ross Ullo – ( M. 0407 669 090) Email:

Andrew McCallum – (M.0400 510 590)  Email:

All  LUOR committee can be contacted by post:  C/- LRC, PO Box 3, Leichhardt NSW  2040