Dear Corporate Slaves… I mean… Warriors,

The last thing rowers do before a regatta is “load the boats.” This Friday 27th Sept at 5pm at the Club is when your opportunity arises to do this. We have 6 eights to load which means getting them off the racks, taking off the riggers, splitting them and lashing them onto the trailer. Many hands make light work. So if you can organise for some of your crew to show up on Friday it would be really appreciated and you can have the full immersion rowing experience, needing only beer to complete the picture.

If you would like to get an extra copy of the limited edition 2013 LRC Corporate Challenge T-Shirt there are a few left and they are available online in the nascent LRC shop at

Good luck with your last week of training. It looks like you’ve all made phenomenal progress and the talent scouts will no doubt be lurking in the shadows at SIRC on Saturday.