Our Club

The Leichhardt Rowing Club is one of Australia’s oldest rowing clubs having been established in 1886. Today we are a community based rowing club catering for the rowing aspirations of our many members who compete at regattas across the country.

Our members range in age and ability from juniors, 15 years or older, to retirees; all from various skill levels – beginners to accomplished.

The Club welcomes new members regularly through our “Learn to Row” programs and is always keen to hear from past rowers that wish to return to the sport.


The sport and our club are for people who really want to experience what it takes to make a team work and are not shy about making new friends. Being a successful member of Leichhardt Rowing Club will depend on your ability to make a commitment to training and supporting the many activities that our Club expects from its members. What you put in is what you’ll get out of this sport if you are interested to give it a go.