Tuesday 7th April

Hi Folks,

Due to the fact that I had not recovered completely from my broken neck when I turned eighty-five on February twelfth, I was not able to do the driving assessment that is required of eighty-five year olds.

Because of this the R.M.S. suspended my driving licence and I have just done my driving assessment this morning.

My licence has been restored and I’m feeling great about being able to get behind the wheel again.

Unfortunately there very few places that I can go to because of COVID-19.

Cath and Ella won’t allow me to go shopping, the police may arrest me if I go walking or driving.

But I’ve found a place to go to – I’m going NUTS.

Enjoy the new situation, I hope to see you all in the not too far distant future.

A special cheerio to Billy and Dawn, at least I can go out for a walk, just so long as I don’t get too close to anyone.

Hullo to my recreational rowers, keep yourselves reasonably fit so that we can get going again soon.

I’ve been rowing my ergie with the broken meter, so I don’t know how far I’ve gone, but the exercise is good.

Not being able to go to mass in the morning is a real drag, whoever thought that a catholic church would ever be
closed to worshippers. Still I manage to keep up with my daily office so it’s not so bad.

I wish you all the very best in this unusual set of circumstances.

God Bless You and Your Families.

Steve Roll. PAX