Leichhardt Rowing Club

Rowing Opportunities at LRC

Leichhardt Rowing Club offers Members a variety of rowing opportunities:

  • Learn to row: the Club offers learn to row programs, usually twice a year, in April/May and September/October.
  • School winter rowers: a winter program for school rowers who wish to continue rowing through the winter school terms, and improve their technique and abilities. Rowers can progress and change squads through the season.
  • Corporate program and regatta: Leichhardt hosts an annual corporate regatta in September, preceded by eight training sessions over four weeks.
  • Recreational rowing: continues all year, on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 6.30am.
  • Masters rowing: Masters rowing is for rowers that have reached 27 years of age. It offers competitive racing based on the average age of crews in each race being within recognised age bands. Leichhardt has active masters rowers and enjoys success at state and national masters championships, and at international events.
  • Competitive Senior rowing: the Club offers coaching in squads to members who wish to compete in the Rowing NSW regatta program. This includes masters rowing (aged 27 years and older) and juniors (usually 19 years or younger).
  • Coxing: we train and love our coxswains. They participate to the rowing programs and get the same satisfaction from winning as the rowers do, but without the sweat!
  • Summer rowing camp: Leichhardt Rowing Club conducts a coached rowing camp in January each year, held at Iron Cove.

Training Guide

The Club expects all rowers who nominate for a squad to commit to the full training program for that squad. Training programs will comprise on-water and off-water sessions and regular erg, strength and fitness tests. Training in the early part of the rowing season has an emphasis on aerobic and strength development, and the on-water work focuses on technique. The percentage of time allocated to cross-training, weights and rowing changes as the season progresses: the on-water work increases and there is less time allocated to off-water training.

All squad rowers are expected to do either the programmed erg tests (6 km), strength tests and anaerobic tests; or the  programmed 3 km erg tests, for squads training for 1000 m races (Grade 1000 m).

Senior squad – up to 11 sessions a week – very competent rower. Up to seven on-water sessions, and two weights and two cross-training sessions.  The groups are: open, open lightweight, U23 and U23 lightweight, male and female.

Junior squad – up to 10 sessions a week – very competent rower. Up to six on-water sessions, and two weights and two cross-training sessions.  The groups are: U19, U17 and U16, male and female.