Special message from the Captain about the next Maintenance Day, on Sunday 30 March 2014. See duties assigned below.

LRC Maintenance Day Duties


Boat Responsibility    
David Bodell8+Tim Tindale / Avians    
Tim Clare8+Dianne's crew    
Peter Trives8+Parbury's Squad    
Michael Bath8+Rex's    
Bill Monaghan **8+Matt Duly **    
Robert Stone II **8+Wade **    
Richard Stanistreet **8+Bodell **    
Frank & Kerry Thorn4x/4-Belinda B    
Fred Griffin (syndicate)4x/+Tim Clare    
Steven Duff4x/4-BAMS    
Premiers 20074x/4-Adalita etc    
Wade Hewett4x/4-Parbury's Squad    
McGill4x/4-Dave Bodell    
Charles Bartlett4x/-Alex Farkash    
Kevin Bond4x/-Colin    
Premiers 20094x/4-Sandra T    
Frances McNamara2‐/xBelinda    
LRC Masters2‐/xDavid & Roger    
Rod Richardson2‐/xAngela    
Ted Curtain IV2-/xRossy & Justin    
Miss Leichhardt2xDan & Bridge    
Jane Hutchison2‐/xGuy & Rob    
Anne Parbury2-/xGuy & Rob    
Mary Pam Jan2x/-Sue    
Old Oarsman II2x/-Matthew L    
Corp Challenge1xJuniors    
LRC Juniors1xJuniors    
Tim Tindale1xDimitri    
One Eye1xJuniors    
Ross Ullo1xMichael    
Shed FloorPaul, Jim and AndrewRemove mats, sweep and super hose
Gym CupboardDoreen, Marilyn, Tran, Chantelle, etcEmpty / Install new cabinets / Store neatly
ErgsRoger & Dave EUsual top and tail  
TinniesGuy & JuniorsHose out and re-kit  
OarsChevronsChevrons / Labels / Collars 
BBQ BrunchMc Callum & DeanBacon & Egg rolls for all 
**Boat needed for Learn To Row by 8.45am!!!!!!!!    
General Boat Review means:Remove seats and slides - clean, replace damaged parts and reinstall with washers etc
 Shoes - check screws, foot chocks, laces / Riggers - washers, heights,  
 Wiring - check all speakers, wires secured / Check joins have correct washers 
SupervisorsCharlie, Matt Duly, Billy