Captain's Log

Why? Why? Why? More accidents

More accidents through over confidence.

Thursday it was a smashed oar from 2 boats crossing.

And, the two crews involved are some of our best oar people [possibly our best oar people! Ed.].

1. Be responsible.

2. Stick to your side of the waterway – Do NOT go down the middle. 3. Go around the yellow maker buoys off UTS

4. Don’t cut the corner coming back past Balmain

5. ALWAYS use lights with good batteries

6. Keep a look out

7. When crossing midway down the course do it directly and quickly

Boat Christening - Sunday 23 February

This Sunday after the LRC Regatta – about 3pm. 3 new boats join the fleet. Recognition of 3 members' contribution to the Club.

Put It Back

Always put equipment back where it belongs, not leaning up against the wall somewhere.

Use the map if unsure or ask. "If you see someone breaking this rule then give them a kick in the bum for me" (Captain).

Basic Repairs

Matt Duly has provided us with adequate spare parts to do most of the maintenance ourselves.

Don’t leave simple tasks for someone else. Ask if unsure, then you can show someone else as well.

Examples: changing wheels, loose shoes, missing slide chocks, missing washers, seats falling out, steering problems, loose collars on oars, torn handles on sculling blades, missing bow balls, missing number holders... slings

Shed Left Open

This week someone obviously could not turn the alarm on so left it off.

The reason was that one of the roller doors was not fully closed. It may have been the Pymble coaches in the afternoon – I will follow up.

On Wednesday morning I arrived to find 2 slings sitting on the front lawn???? Take responsibility ... if you are the last one out, then make sure you secure the premises.

No recreational rowing this Sunday (and the next)

Due to the LRC regatta this Sunday and the Drummoyne regatta on 2 March, recreational rowing will only be on Saturday for the next two weeks.

Uni Crews are joining us

St Pauls and Sancta Sophia Colleges from Sydney University will be around the Club. Please make them feel welcome. They are LRC members (or will be shortly).

On another note...

Cooking for a cake stall LRC regatta

Cakes, biscuits, muffins, slices etc are all needed for our cake stall at Sunday's regatta.

All funds raised go towards buying equipment (... to replace broken oars etc).

Chiropractic service at Leichhardt Regatta this week

Matt Bulman from Sports and Spinal Chiropractic will be at the Leichhardt Regatta from 11:00 am this Sunday to offer you a check over.

Take advantage of this free offer and find out what a good Chiro can do for you.

Farewell Mary Finegan - Friday 28 February

Mary is heading home to Ireland shortly.

Give her a good sendoff by joining her for farewell drinks at the Three Weeds Hotel Rozelle on Friday 28th February. Everyone welcome.

Diary dates

Sun 23 Feb - LRC regatta - Iron Cove

Sun 23 Feb - Cake stall - baked items required

Sun 23 Feb - No recreational rowing

Sun 23 Feb - About 3pm - christening of new boats

Sun 2 Mar - Drummoyne regatta - Iron Cove

Sun 2 Mar - No recreational rowing

Sat 15 Mar – LRC Learn to row orientation

Sun 16 Mar – LTR course begins