This Week @ LRC - 27 Jan 2017

This Week @ LRC - 27 Jan 2017


From the Captain

Metal Drink Bottles

Only plastic drink bottles are to be used in boats. If a metal bottle is seen, it will be thrown out immediately. Do not drop bottles into boats, as this cause damage to the inside of the hull.

Items in Shed

If you have any items that are known to you but really shouldn’t be there, could you please remove them. We will be removing items that the club does not need. The shed is not a place for you to bring things in from home that you no longer need.

For the record, boat covers are not to be stored in the shed. So the ones in the cupboard please remove.

Boat Maintenance

The boat builders have returned from holidays and will be in the shed repairing a very long list of damage, starting on Monday.

All boat captains: could you please ensure your boat has been checked, any things needs to be done reported in the shared GoogleDoc. All cleaning is to be done by the 5th of Feb. Most of the black boats need to be pulled apart and salt removed. Remember no one else is going to do it if they don’t know about it, and if you use the boat you should be doing it.

Also remember accidents do happen to experienced crews so check and check again.
Especially for the moving pesky poles in the Lane Cove River.

Small Boats Regatta

Good luck to all those competing in the Small Boat Regatta tomorrow.

NZ Masters Games

The rowing regatta at the World Masters Games in NZ will be from 24 to 28 April.

If you are interested in going, please let Anna Cico know. Entries close on 3 March.

Pymble Ladies

Reminder that PLC is back to normal as of Tuesday.

Do not attempt to boat load or land during these times, they will have priority.

Tues and Thurs 5.15-5.30am and 6.50-7.05am
Sat 6.00-6.15am and 8.45-9.00am
Sun 7.00-7.15am


• Fri 3 Feb 2017 – U21 Twilight Regatta #4

• Sat 4 Feb 2017 – Pymble Ladies College Regatta

• Sat 4 Feb 2017 – Lake Macquarie Rowing Club

• Sun 5 Feb 2017 – NRRA Age Championships

• Sun 5 Feb 2017 – Endeavour Rowing Club

• Sun 5 Feb 2017 – Balmain Rowing Club Regatta

• Fri-Sun 10-12 Feb 2017 – NSW Rowing Championships