Recreational Rowers


 Dear Members,

At our last Committee meeting some time was spent discussing our Learn to Row program and how it feeds into the Recreational program. 

At Leichhardt we pride ourselves on being a club for all. We are highly competitive at a Juniors and Masters level, we provide Learn to Row Programs, Corporate events and a Recreational level of membership for those who just want to have fun.

This year we want to develop the Recreational Rowing part of the club, both in regards to the transition from Learn to Row/Corporate, and the experience of being a Recreational rower. To this end we have decided to appoint committee member, Annalisa Armitage to work with Wade Hewitt, and Heidi Parkes in developing and coordinating these programs.

The following decisions have been made:

• The Learn to Row programs will be held on a needs basis as soon as sufficient applications have been received to form a crew rather than, focusing on programs held at the beginning and end of each year. This will enable earlier participation in rowing from enthusiastic applicants and will make it easier to organise volunteer coaches and support.

• Each Learn to Row crew will be offered rowing over 4 consecutive weekends at the same time as the weekend recreational rowing is held to enable integration into recreational rowing to occur more smoothly.

• A club crew will be allocated to provide assistance and coaching to each new Learn to Row group over the 4 weekends of this program - and for one month thereafter with the integrated recreational crews to facilitate the transition. The Committee will allocate crews to this recreational support as required.

• Following the four-weekend Learn to Row program for which the usual fee would apply, selected graduates would be offered another 4 weekends without charge and row with the recreational group to help integration into permanent crews.

• A subcommittee made up of recreational rowers will be formed to organise a rowing and social programs for recreational rowers and that these events will be communicated and publicised clearly to all club members and other interested parties.

• Steps will be taken to encourage graduates of Learn to Row programs offered by other clubs and schools, and in respect of which there is no ongoing recreational program offered, to join with LRC

Call to action:

1. Please contact Annalisa at if you would like to be part of the Recreational Rowing sub Committee

2. Consider your network and if there are graduates from other clubs' Learn to Row or Corporate Programs put them in touch with Wade Hewett as they are able to come straight into our Recreational Program

3. Be ready to participate. Your crew may be asked to help with this program in much the same way that different crews are asked to clean the shed on a monthly basis. It's a community club. New rowers help pay for new boats, improve the club and we all need to pitch in to help them enjoy our sport and club. 

Thanks in advance for your support.