Corporate Crews


As members would have noticed, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings are taken up by the Corporate Cup crews and Saturday and Saturday are Learn to Row crews. These 2 events are major income source for the club and these activities need to be respected by LRC members.

Please ensure if you are using an 8, speed boat or the ergs during these time that you are taking the correct boats. We have had multiple situations over the past 2 weeks where the wrong equipment was taken. If you are not happy with the allocation, please note that these crews take priority and we have tried to make the best arrangements to compensate and allocate the right equipment to everyone. The volunteers who are assisting in the running of these programs need to know what they are doing as soon as they enter the shed so we look professional to these participants.  

Furthermore since Sunday we have managed to lose 3 bungs for the speed boats, which did not get reported, the boats booking sheet was removed from the noticeboard. Please if there is anything amiss please let someone know who can assist.

Please check the boat roster online to see allocations.