This Week @ LRC - 27 May 2016

This Week @ LRC - 27 May 2016

National Masters

Good Luck to all our Masters members travelling north to compete in the National Masters in Queensland between the 2nd and 5th June.

Those representing Leichhardt are: Daniela Borgert, Anna Cico, Jen Zongor, Virginia van Ewyk, Dianne Williams, Deanna Fekete, Sandy Rourke, Anne Parbury, Angela Conry, Christine Seeliger, Annalisa Armitage, Jacqui Marks, Justin Milne and David Ross.

Membership fees for 2016/17

Fees are now due.

A new Financial Year is almost upon us. For rowers that means renewing your membership and if you store a private boat, re-applying and paying for rack space. The Committee has carefully considered and approved a number of changes, which we believe will provide more fairness while keeping the club strong and viable.

Membership fees

The fees for the 16/17 season will be:

• Competing Senior Member $1,100

• Competing Junior Member (including the Pathways program) $1,100 - Competing Membership Fees include regatta entry fees for up to 4 x 1km races per day or 3 x 2km races per day. Members will be charged for races over and above this limit should they wish to enter. Regatta entry fees for Interstate regattas and the National Championships are excluded.

• Recreational Junior Member $700 (regatta entry fees excluded)

• Recreational Senior Member $700 (regatta entry fees excluded)

• Guest Member $100 per month

• Supporter Member $50

• One-off Application Fee $200 (or $100 if completed our LTR or Corporate Program)

These fees MUST be paid online. They must be paid by July 1 st 2016. Members will also need to pay their RNSW fees separately via the RNSW website.

Please note that Recreational Juniors and Seniors are eligible to enter the JB Sharp series and also to enter Iron Cove and Bohemia regattas where they must pay their own regatta entry fees. They are not eligible for any other regattas. The regatta entry fees for Competing Juniors and Seniors are included in the membership fee with
the exception of National and all Interstate regattas including the Head of the Yarra.

Pay your fees online.

Boat Storage

There have been a number of changes to the fees and processes around private boat storage. The application guidelines and policy have been changed and are available here.

The application form is available here.

The new prices are:

• $500 per single or for the first seat of a larger boat, $250 per seat after that

• Oars and riggers are included but extra pairs of oars may be stored at a cost of $100 per pair

Payment must accompany each application and may be made online. Payment will be refunded for unsuccessful applicants.

While these prices represent a substantial increase on last year they still equate to about 50% of what most other clubs charge. The Committee feels that the valuable rack space should be used first for those who are regularly competing for the club.

New Map

The new equipment map goes up this week. The main changes are the addition of more rigger racks where sculling blades are now stored next to the doubles, relocation of sculling oars to the middle bay, the removal of 20 old sculling blades and the adjustments for Pymble for the Winter layout.

Please put everything back in its labelled place. If lost then ask!

JB Sharp Series

As the JB Sharp series is about to start, if you want to race the handicap 1x, please send your names to Anna Cico. Other races do not need registration.


You will notice new slings around the shed, thanks to the efforts of Matt Bourke.

The gym is in the process of being upgraded – more to come.

The pontoon will be repaired shortly.

Plus much more is on the agenda

Dates to remember

• Sat 11 June – LRC Presentation Night

• Sun 12 June – JB Sharp Glebe, Blackwattle Bay

• Sun 26 June – JB Sharp UTS, Iron Cove

Read more.