This Week @ LRC - 6 May 2016

This Week @ LRC - 6 May 2016

Boat Maintenance Weekend

If you and your crew have not already made plans for boat maintenance this weekend then you better get cracking!
A list of boats and those that have been assigned maintenance duties has been pinned to the Club door for the last week so you should be in doubt as to which crews are responsible for which boats. When you have completed maintenance SIGN THE SHEET so that we know it has been done.

If you have already completed maintenance or have a plan to complete on a different date please note this on the sheet also.

If you are not quite sure what boat maintenance ‘looks like’ we have taken some shots of a couple of lovely ladies to give you an idea (above) - rigger plates removed, shoes taken out, every screw removed and washed, use a tooth brush to get built salt off.

Most importantly please ensure that there are ties on the heels of all shoes and allowing ‘quick release’ of Velcro fastenings – it is required that these safety measures are in all boats and we can be fined at regattas if our boats are not compliant.

Many of our experienced members will be at the club over the weekend to assist with maintenance – if you’re not sure about something PLEASE ASK – it’s the only way you will learn.

Boatshed Cleaning Roster

For the month of May, Dean Patterson’s squad is up.
April was Marcus’ squad – we are hoping for a better performance from Dean and his crew.

State Masters at SIRC, 14 – 15 May

For those rowing at the NSW Masters Championships please note that boat loading will be on the morning of Friday 13 May (eeeek)

Shed Security

We are sad to report that last weekend someone went through the Ladies Bathrooms and stole money from several rowers’ wallets.
Please take care with your valuables and only bring to Club what you need and consider leaving them locked in your car.
Reluctantly we will have to keep the roller doors down on non-regatta days no limit access to the Club. If you see someone "out of place" se the Captain or a committee member if you don't feel comfortable querying their presence in the shed.

Event at the Club

There will be an event at the Club this Saturday from 1pm onwards. Can club members please help to clear the floor (by moving the ergs into the gym area) and be conscious and leave the kitchen clean before they leave on Saturday morning.

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