This Week @ LRC - 15 April 2016


Iron Cove Masters

LRC is hosting its Masters Regatta this weekend. Please pitch in and help us make sure the day runs smoothly and good luck to all those who are participating.

Drummoyne Masters

Entries open now. Send them to AnnaC or ask one of the 39 people with access to put in the entry for you.

The Bartletts are back

One has had its gunwale repaired as a result of rowers standing on the riggers at the pontoon!!!

The other has had its wing operated on and is able to row and talk again in the boat

Boat Accidents

This week has seen two major accidents. One to the Hewett and the other to Premiers 14. The offenders in the Hewett are paying for the repair and certain members moved to other more appropriate boats. The Premiers 14 crew has been downgraded to grass colour boats for a while.

They were both accidents but could have been avoided. Take responsibility for your actions and keep a good look out. Stop if unsure!

Winter Programs

Remember our Winter Program members are coming down Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings. Pymble's program is running Sunday morning from the 1st May. These are good times to avoid the club.

For our Winter Program Simon Hoadley is doing the administration behind the scenes and Tim Tindale is running the program assisted by our able bodied coaches.  Please see Simon ( or Tim ( if you have any questions.

Shed Cleaning Roster

Marcus and his mates are responsible for the shed and pontoon downstairs this month.

Remember - nothing on the floor and no fertilizer on the pontoon!

Dates to remember

Sat 16 April – Iron Cove Masters (LRC), Iron Cove
Sat 31 April – Drummoyne Masters, Iron Cove
14 – 15 May – NSW Masters Championship, SIRC

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