This Week @ LRC - 8 April 2016

This Week @ LRC - 8 April 2016


Some great results were achieved by our rowers last weekend at the Trickett Regatta. The most notable were:

WB2x – 1st Lauren Lyon & Elysia Chua
MC4x – 1st Isaac Eveleigh, Steve Comninos, Nick Fogarty, Matt Bourke
MA2- - 1st Isaac Eveleigh, Steve Comninos
MA8+ - 1st Matthew Bourke, Simon Hoadley, Nicholas Fogarty, Isaac Eveleigh, Steve Comninos, Greg Norman, Kristian Bodell, Lachlan Stevenson, Cox: Jacqueline Marks

Some interesting videos of the races can be found here.

Winter Program

Our Winter Program is underway for our keen younger members. They will at the shed Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings. For more information please contact the coordinator – Simon Hoadley.
The novice Juniors will be having the month of April off.

Youth Pathway Program

For the 2017 rowing season we have decided to introduce the Leichhardt Youth Pathway Program. This will enable our committed young members to develop much further within our Club.
Full details of the structure will be made available to the whole club shortly. We have the fortune of involving people who have competed at the Olympic Games, represented Australia or other Countries and who have coached at the highest level in the private school system helping to put the program together. The Coaching structure and advisory group includes David Cameron, Eric Moore, Simon Hoadley, Jeff Paterson and Tim Tindale.

House Sub Committee

We have decided to form a small subcommittee to manage the upstairs area of the clubhouse. Nancy Wahlquist has come forward to head the group. Their role will cover everything from soap in the bathrooms, honour boards, pictures on the walls, kitchen essentials all the way to trophies in the cabinets. Please give this dedicated group your full support. They are responsible to Matt Bourke, the Building Property Master.

Iron Cove Masters Regatta

LRC is hosting this regatta next Saturday. We need the usual tinny drivers. Other tasks getting allocated. Entries close on Sunday, so send them to AnnaC or if you have access, make your entries now.

Boat damage

Matt Bourke

The Bartlett is awaiting repairs for its stroke seat stroke-side gunwale. This damage has occurred by rowers standing with their foot on the pontoon. Can we all please bend over and hold a boat that has quick release with no back stays. For boats that have fixed riggers or back stays please just stand in between the frames and not put weight on the rigger. The Duff and Thorn have already had this issue fixed in the past few months, an expensive exercise of around $700+ each time and the boat being out of action.

Currently we are spending the equivalent of a new Sykes 4x/- on silly accidents that could easily be avoided in addition to general up keep of our fleet. Each ding, bump and scratch adds up, and as a result the Club needs to rein in boat damage costs.

Boats are expensive and need to be looked after by everyone. So a new system will be rolled out in the coming months to bring the budget back in. Better to spend on up keep and new boats rather than repairing damage that has been caused by lack of awareness and care. We do appreciate that accidents do happen and that’s why we have insurance; however our insurance costs will go up if we keep going like we have been.

Fund raising for Rio

Our Aussie Men’s Eight and Women’s Eight have not yet qualified for the Rio Olympics - a task that will be incredibly hard with only one spot available in each field left to fill.

Rowing Australia will fund the trip for the men's and women's eights to the Lucerne Olympic Qualifying Regatta 22-24 May and will also assist crew members with sponsor food vouchers. Crews do not get other funding.

More information here.

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