This Week @ LRC - 8 May 2015


State Masters – Entries due by 5pm Friday 8 May

See your coach or coordinator.

Entry cost covered by Club ($25 per seat), except for Mixed races. If you are in a mixed race please pay $15 per seat this week. Only point scoring events are covered by the Club. Mixed races do not attract points if you place.

National Masters – Entries close next Tuesday 12 May

It is the responsibility of the rowers to do their own entries. The Club does not do it for you or pay. It is $45 per seat up front. See this link for more information.

Orientation Day – Saturday 9 May

Compulsory for all those joining the Club in the past 3 months plus anyone else interested.

8.30 am to 10.30am. Saturday 9 May.

The Pymble Hope Regatta has been postponed.
Please do not place anything in the Pymble Bay. They need the space clear to carry out boat maintenance.

Collection for Nepal is now finished

Thank you everyone who dropped off stuff for it.

Tinny drivers

We need licenced tinny drivers – to help people to complete their boat licence

20 people recently successfully passed the exam for their boat licence.

They now need to do a minimum of 3 trips in the tinny with a licensed operator and have their log books signed off before they can actually get their licence from Maritime.

These can be retrospective for those that have been operating tinnies for some time.

The licensed operator needs to go through the list of items in the log book including all the safety issues and initial these in the log.

So, if you are a licensed operator, please make yourself available to help these people get their license before 1st July.

support the lighty 4x

Support the Lightweight 4x fundraiser – UTS Tuesday 2 June

Trivia night fundraiser to help get the Women’s quad lightweight team to the World Rowing Championships 2015.
Tickets $50 or $25 student. Includes pizza and pasta. Buy drinks at the bar.
Tables of 8 (orphans will be accommodated).
Purchase tickets by Monday 18 May.
Contact: Lindy Nisbett – 0448 403 343 Kathleen Hextell – 0477 222 474

Rigging lessons from Steve Roll

Steve Roll has offered to show people how to properly rig a boat.

He is available to do this on a Saturday or Sunday morning after his coaching duties have finished. About 9.30-10am.

“Rigging doesn’t just mean taking the riggers off and putting them back on, it means understanding what happens to the boat when you alter ANYTHING in, or on, the boat.”

The Women in Rowing (WIRED) group

warmly invites both aspiring and inspiring people to the:

Women In Rowing ‘Open Night’

Venue: The Clubhouse at Woolwich Pier Hotel
(2 Gale Street, Woolwich NSW 2110)

Date: Thursday 21 May, 2015

Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Format: 2 course dinner (main and dessert)

Launch of the inaugural WIRED magazine, set menu of $49pp

Special Occasion printed copies for all attendees

Booking and Payment
by Thursday 14 May, 2015

Email queries

Diary dates

• Fri 8 May – Entries for State Masters close

• Sat 9 May – New members orientation 8.30-10.30am

• Tues 12 May – Entries for National Masters

• Sat and Sun, 16-17/5 – NSW Master Championships – SIRC

• 28-31/5 – Australian Masters Championships – SIRC (note: entries are not paid by the Club for this regatta)

• Tues 2 June – Support the lightys fundraiser 6.30pm – UTS

• Sat 13 June – LRC Awards night 6.30pm