This Week @ LRC - 27 February 2015

This Week @ LRC - 27 February 2015

In the picture: 1979 NSW Lightweight Pair Champions - Bow: Ross Ullo, Str: Ray Harwood, Cox: Grant Corbett, Coach: Mick Lowery

Roll on the 80s!

We will be celebrating Steve Roll’s 80th birthday with a presentation and cake at 8.45am on Sunday 1 March.
Everyone invited!

Captain's Log


This week two of our experienced crews collided in two of our newest double/pairs off the end of Cockatoo early in the black morning. All rowers are ok and the boats are back to their former glory. However we lost 2 oars.

The reason I bring this up is that one of the crew members had difficulty releasing his feet when the boat was upside down. In other words, if he had panicked he could well have drowned. As it was, he was comforted to see the night sky once again.

There are two important issues I wish to raise:

• Make sure your shoes have the quick release laces on the flaps AND the heels are secured down so that when you lift your feet the heel does not come up too. Otherwise you will be stuck and drown. This is not something to disregard. Make sure you check each time. There are spare laces in the cupboard upstairs. This is even more critical in the single sculls, doubles and pairs which are more prone to tip.

• If you are in a small boat especially a single scull, always row with a friend. Also don’t go out in the main harbour. Stay inside our bay. Don’t be stupid and row off into the dark. One day you may not return!

Nationals Boats

As a few of our best rowers prepare for the Nationals I have approved for Simon Hoadley and Frank Thorn to rig the specific boats to the crews. 

Please do not re-adjust the settings if you are allocated one of these boats during this period.

Check with Simon or Frank if unsure.

Steven Duff


• Does anyone know where the Morrissey seat is?

• Also the grey regatta box has gone missing. Does anyone know where it may be?

Massive thanks to everyone who helped last Sunday

Vice Captain Belinda Brigham, on behalf of the LRC Committee, sends out a massive thanks to everyone who helped at the LRC Regatta last Sunday.

Thank you to:

• Wade for organising all of his merry people of tinnie /Marshall drivers.

• Sue for being pontoon marshall

• Lachlan and all the juniors for attending to the cake stall, running the results, setting up and cooking the bbq ­ HUGE effort by these guys. Very impressed !

• Nancy, Marilyn, Keren and all of Ross Tout and Sue Philpotts crew for all the prep of the food for the BROs, cleaning, setting up finishing tent and helping the starter and finishing judges

• Barry for his golden tonsils

• Steve Jacques for returning equipment and for helping all day on the water

• Charlie and Ross Ullo for the use of their private boats for the day

• Ross for driving the officials around

• Zoey and Pravin for sorting out the results stuff

And if we have forgotten anyone my apologies but a huge thank you!

And we will do it all again at the Iron Cove Masters.

Learn To Row

We have 4 adult eights and 3 junior quads commencing in a week’s time. They only train on weekends from 8.30am to 10.30am. We still need a few more coxes. Please contact LTR if you can help.

Learn to row program runs from Sat 7 March (orientation) ­ to Sun 29 March, when there will be a mini regatta & BBQ. Six on-water sessions in all.

Final note on safety

When rowing down to UTS you MUST row around the 2 yellow marker buoys.

Also do not row in the middle of the bay. You will run into someone if you don't.

Keep yourself safe and everyone else on the water with you.

Diary dates

• Sat 28 Feb ­ All Schools regatta ­ Iron Cove from 8am

• Sat 28 Feb ­ Sydney rowing regatta ­ SIRC

• Sat 7 Mar ­ Learn to row orientation

• Sat 7 Mar ­ AAGPS Head of the river ­ SIRC

• Sun 8 Mar ­ Schoolgirl Head of the River ­ SIRC

• Sun 13 Mar ­ Drummoyne regatta ­ Iron Cove

• Sun 29 Mar ­ Learn to row mini regatta and BBQ ­ Iron Cove

• 23­-29 Mar ­ Sydney International Rowing Regatta

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