Maintenance Day - This Sunday


Boat Maintenance Day - this Sunday 1 Feb 2015

Crews/Squads should attend Club between 7am and 12md, to spread the "space load" on the facilities.

It will take about 2h for each boat to be cleaned and carry our maintenance.

Please bring your tools (10 spanner, screwdrivers, toothbrushes, scourers etc)

The Captain will be locking the pontoon off all morning - no rowing.


Boat type

Squad Leader

David Bodell8+Alex Farkash
Genesis (syndicate)8+Kerry Thorn
Tim Clare8+Deanna Fekete
Michael Bath8+Rexes
Bill Monaghan8+Recreationals 1
Peter Trives8+Chevrons
Robert Stone II8+Recreationals 2
Richard Stanistreet8+Recreationals 3
Frank & Kerry Thorn4x/4-Lachlan Andrew (Juniors)
Fred Griffin (syndicate)4x/+David Elliot
Rosie (syndicate)4x/-Erika Addis
Steven Duff4x/4-Dean Patterson
Premiers 20074x/4-‐/4+(b)Lachlan Andrew (Juniors)
Wade Hewett4x/4-Virginia van Ewyk
McGill4x/4-Dave Bodell
Charles Bartlett4x/-Pravin Radhakrishnan
Fred Fullerton4x/4-‐/4+(b)John Currie
Kevin Bond4x/-Jim Alexander
Mick Lowrey4xLachlan Andrew (Juniors)
Premiers 20094x/4-‐/4+(b)Sandra Triluzi
Rod Moynahan4x/4-Gordon Cooper
Steve Roll4x/4-/4+(b)Scott Patterson
LRC Masters2‐/xBelinda Brigham
Rod Richardson2‐/xAnne Parbury
Ted Curtain IV2-/xJustin Milne
Miss Leichhardt2xPravin Radhakrishnan
Jane Hutchison2‐/xPravin Radhakrishnan
Anne Parbury2-/xPravin Radhakrishnan
Mary Pam Jan2x/-Sue Andrews
Old Oarsman II2x/-Recreationals
Williamson2x/‐Doreen borg
Lionel Robberds1xLachlan Andrew (Juniors)
Corp Challenge1xLachlan Andrew (Juniors)
LRC Juniors1xLachlan Andrew (Juniors)
Tim Tindale1xLachlan Andrew (Juniors)
One Eye1xLachlan Andrew (Juniors)
Ross Ullo1xLachlan Andrew (Juniors)
Hauenstein1xLachlan Andrew (Juniors)
Bright Waters1xCaroline Vernon
David Morrissey1xanna Hueneke
Hermes1xNivi Massarek
Kim Eddy1xGary Foster
Shorty 1xLyne riley
Tim Clare1xMark Brooks


1 (8hp - Johnson)Recreationals 
2 (8hp)Recreationals 
3 (15hp)Recreationals 
5 (15hp)Recreationals 
6 (15hp)Recreationals 
7 (15hp)Recreationals 
8 (15hp)Recreationals 
9 (15hp)Recreationals 

Supervisors / Advisors

Bob KelsallTim tindaleSandy Rourke
Matt DulyTim ClareSteve Roll
Bill MonaghanCharles BartlettFrank Thorn