Growing our Corporate Challenge

From Justin Milne

The Leichhardt Corporate Challenge will take place again later this year. In previous years, before the GFC, we have had up to 20 crews participate.

If we could do that again it would mean about $80,000 for the club which might equate to new boats, new carpet, new decking and more.

As corporations will now be setting their budgets for the 14/15 FY, it's important that we get on their radar so that we can tell them about the benefits of our event.

We have a growing list of email addresses of people within corporate and government in Sydney who might be interested in rowing with us later in the year but we need a lot more.

Here's how you can help:

1. Think about a person within your organisation who might be interested in getting a crew together and send me their name and email address so that I can write to them with our brochure and a pitch.

2. Think about people in other organisations and send me their name and email address.

Please don't send me "suggestions" as I have lots of those.

Look through your "rolodex" and email me actual names and addresses of real people.

Finally, this year's corporate brochure with dates, prices and new pictures is on the web.

So you can also direct friends there if you wish, the only problem being that they won't be in our CRM system and therefore we won't be able to follow them up.

Justin (

Captain's Log

Nationals' success

Special congratulations so far to Michael McCrea - winning B division of his scull and Betty Wong coming second in her B division scull.

Gutsy efforts from two of our young champs.

Maintenance Day this Sunday

Boat Responsible
David Bodell8+Tim Tindale / Avians
Tim Clare8+Dianne's crew
Peter Trives8+Parbury's Squad
Michael Bath8+Rex's
Bill Monaghan **8+Matt Duly **
Robert Stone II **8+Wade **
Richard Stanistreet **8+Bodell **
Frank & Kerry Thorn4x/4-Belinda B
Fred Griffin (syndicate)4x/+Tim Clare
Steven Duff4x/4-BAMS
Premiers 20074x/4-Adalita etc
Wade Hewett4x/4-Parbury's Squad
McGill4x/4-Dave Bodell
Charles Bartlett4x/-Alex Farkash
Kevin Bond4x/-Colin
Premiers 20094x/4-Sandra T
Frances McNamara2‐/xBelinda
Rod Richardson2‐/xAngela
Ted Curtain IV2-/xRossy & Justin
Miss Leichhardt2xDan & Bridge
Mary Pam Jan2x/-Sue
Old Oarsman II2x/-Matthew L
Corp Challenge1xJuniors
LRC Juniors1xJuniors
Tim Tindale1xRichard
One Eye1xJuniors
Ross Ullo1xMichael
Shed FloorPaul, Jim and AndrewRemove mats, sweep and super hose
Gym CupboardDoreen, Marilyn, Tran, Chantelle, etcEmpty / Install new cabinets / Store neatly
ErgsRoger & Dave EUsual top and tail
TinniesGuy & JuniorsHose out and re-kit
OarsChevronsChevrons / Labels / Collars
BBQ BrunchSandra Amasi & Joeys MumsBacon & Egg rolls for all
Singles BayRob Tiley, Christiaan & DeanLabel, sort and de-rig
**Boat needed for Learn To Row by 8.45am!!!!!!!!
General Boat Review means:Remove seats and slides - clean, replace damaged parts and reinstall with washers etc
 Shoes - check screws, foot chocks, laces / Riggers - washers, heights,
 Wiring - check all speakers, wires secured / Check joins have correct washers
SupervisorsCharlie, Matt Duly, Billy

Updated responsibility list is above.

It is up to the squad representatives to muster their group to attend and look after the equipment they use.

Remember to bring a number 10 spanner, a Phillips Head screw driver and a wrench if you have one.

Also helpful to bring is a towel/large cloth to catch any little part you accidentally drop, an old toothbrush and something to gently scrub a boat.

If you don't think you are in a squad and therefore feel you don't have a job then rest assured: I have lots for you to do.

Come and see me when you arrive.

[Note from the Editor. The Captain can be easily recognised by looking for someone staring in space from sleep deprivation, displaying short bursts of emotion when a banana peel is spotted on the floor.]

Recreational rowing on Saturday only this weekend

Due to club maintenance, there will be no recreational rowing on Sunday.

Recreational rowing on Saturday as per usual.

(Other) Rowing on Sunday 31 March

Crews competing in upcoming regattas are permitted to train before or after their maintenance contribution.

There will also be the Learn to row boats out.

Caution: buoys of UTS not illuminated

The battery or globe in the marker buoys off UTS are not working at the moment.

Be extra careful.

No accidents this week - well done

Recreational roster

Sat 29 March - Colin Whybourne

Sat 5 April - Tim Tindale

This week's quiz (as it is a slow week)



 Answer these 3 questions and win a prize:

1. Name of building

2. Country

3. Built in which century

Steve Duff   

Diary dates

Sun 30 Mar: Maintenance 7-11am

Sat-Sun 29-30/3: Learn to row

Tues 1/4: Winter program begins

Sat 5/4: LTR regatta and graduation 8 - 10.30am

Sun 6/4: Drummoyne Masters regatta Iron Cove

Sat-Sun 12-13/4: Trickett championship SIRC